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Special Exhibition Galleries

Historical Aspects of Learning: Navigating through Challenges and Developments in Modernization

Date : 2021.10.12(Tue) - 2021.12.12(Sun)

Japan began establishing a modern nation-state in the late 19th century. This exhibition presents some central characteristics of the time, focusing on the increasing understanding gained in the process of modernization. The exhibition presents a number of different aspects of modernity in Japan, such as the people’s evolving conception of the world and Japan in the late Edo period, the holding of expositions in aspiring to become a prosperous nation, the introduction of hygiene awareness with its resulting social tensions, a modernization process for the Ainus, and the establishment of an education system based on the concept of ‘modern citizens.’

Medieval Warrior Groups―Landlords Consolidating Roots in Their Territories

Date : 2022.3.15(Tue) - 2022.5.8(Sun)

Medieval warriors were not only hereditary professional warriors but also lords of local communities. How did they rule their communities? In this exhibition, we explore medieval warrior groups as ruling organizations and present facts about their regional rule, based on literature, archaeological artifacts, and artistic materials. To explain the details of the lives and activities of such warrior groups, we closely analyze their local bases that were reconstructed based on field surveys as well as pictures, maps, and land ledgers from the early-modern to modern periods.

Featured Exhibition in the Special Exhibition Gallery

Maritime “Empire,” Ryūkyū—Analyzing “Medieval” through Yaeyama, Miyako, and Amami History

Date : 2021.3.16(Tue) - 2021.5.9(Sun)

Remaining buried in the thick forests of the Hateruma, Taketomi, Ishigaki, and Miyako islands of the Sakishima archipelago, medieval villages surrounded by stones came to be enshrined as sacred sites. The societies of the Sakishima and Amami archipelagoes, which developed languages and cultures different from those of the main Okinawa Island, underwent invasions by the maritime “empire,” Ryūkyū, and accordingly transformed their characteristics. From the perspective of such surrounding islands, we will capture “medieval Ryūkyū” through many exhibition items such as celadon porcelains, white porcelains, folding screens, pictorial maps, documents, and rubbed copies of evidence.

Woodblock Prints Depicting a Giant Catfish: Reflection of Edo People’s Imagination (Archived at the Ōjaku Bunko Library)

Date : 2021.7.13(Tue) - 2021.9.5(Sun)

Numerous Namazu-e, with motifs of giant underground catfish, were sold after the Ansei Edo earthquake in 1855. Based on a variety of subjects and ideas, the Namazu-e reflected a range of people’s feelings, such as fear of earthquakes, satirical attitudes to social conditions after the earthquake, and desire for social reforms. This exhibition illustrates the strength of the people’s imagination through one of the largest collections of Namazu-e in Japan.

Featured Exhibitions in the Permanent Gallery

[Gallery 4] Views toward Ainu Culture—Focusing on Photographs from the N.G. Munro Collection

Date : 2020.12.22(Tue) - 2021.5.9(Sun)

[Gallery 3] Cherry Blossom Designs

Date : 2021.3.16(Tue) - 2021.4.11(Sun)

[Gallery 3] Japanese Heritage Musical Instruments of the Kishū-Tokugawa Family: Japanese Zithers

Date : 2021.5.25(Tue) - 2021.7.4(Sun)

[Gallery 4] The World of EBISU, the God of Fortune

Date : 2021.7.27(Tue) - 2022.1.10(Mon)

[Gallery 3] Vista of Edo

Date : 2021.12.21(Tue) - 2022.1.30(Sun)

[Gallery 3] Hina Dolls and Ornaments Associated with Princess Kazunomiya

Date : 2022.2.22(Tue) - 2022.4.3(Sun)

[Gallery 4] Life with the Deceased: the History and Folk Culture of the Mortuary Tablet, Buddhist Altar, and Cremains Memorialization in the Home

Date : 2022.3.15(Tue) - 2022.9.25(Sun)

Seasonal Exhibition at the Botanical Garden of Everyday Life

Traditional Primroses

Date : 2021.4.13(Tue) - 2021.5.5(Wed)

Enjoy the beautiful traditional primroses displayed in tiers.

Traditional Japanese Morning Glories

Date : 2021.8.3(Tue) - 2021.9.5(Sun)

Be amazed by mutant Japanese morning glories from the Edo Period.
The garden opens from 8:30 a.m. on August 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15.

Traditional Antique Chrysanthemum

Date : 2021.11.2(Tue) - 2021.11.28(Sun)

Be impressed by the splendor of chrysanthemums, including the Edo chrysanthemum.

Winter Flowers: Camellia Sasanqua

Date : 2021.11.30(Tue) - 2022.1.30(Sun)

An introduction to the world of Camellia Sasanqua.

*Blooming periods may vary due to weather.