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Permanent Exhibitions

Reopening of Gallery 1 “Prehistoric and Ancient Times”

Date : 2019.3.19(Tue) -

The newly reopened gallery presents the people and varied lifestyles they followed from the arrival of humans on the Japanese Archipelago 37,000 years ago to the dawn of medieval Japan in the 10th century. It showcases the following six main themes along with the two sub-themes of Okinoshima and the Shosoin documents: the people who lived through the last glacial period; the regional diversity in Jomon culture across the Archipelago; the beginning of paddy field rice cultivation; the rise of Wa; the ancient keyhole-shaped burial mounds of Wa and East Asia; and the ancient state and life in the Archipelago.


Special Exhibition Galleries

Souvenirs as Mirror of Japanese Culture

Date : 2018.7.10(Tue) - 2018.9.17(Mon)

What are omiyage or souvenirs? What characterizes them? The custom of omiyage is so much a part of our lives that we tend to take it for granted. Its very essence reflects contemporary Japanese culture. Why are omiyage mostly foodstuffs? What kind of omiyage do Japanese people buy and for whom? While answering these questions, the exhibition highlights spatial and temporal dynamics of omiyage, and where they would lead us from here.

Medieval Documents of Japan: Functions, Styles and Their International Comparison

Date : 2018.10.16(Tue) - 2018.12.9(Sun)

This exhibition focuses on some of the various documents in Rekihaku’s wide-ranging collection of medieval documents, and offers insights into the meanings behind their “styles.” The comparison with documents of East Asian countries including Korea brings to light the main features of Japanese documents and characteristics of medieval Japanese society. Handwritten documents such as those by Minamoto no Yoshitsune will be on display. The exhibition invites you to explore historical documents through visual experience of their world.


Featured Exhibitions in the Permanent Gallery

[Gallery 4] The Forbidden Calendar and Ryakuengi Pamphlet: Literary Culture in Everyday Life

Date : 2018.4.24(Tue) - 2018.10.28(Sun)

[Gallery 3] Nishiki-e in 1868

Date : 2018.4.17(Tue) - 2018.5.20(Sun)

[Gallery 3] Biwa II: The Musical Instruments of the Kishu Tokugawa Family

Date : 2018.10.30(Tue) - 2018.12.9(Sun)

[Gallery 4] Modernization and Changes in Wedding Ceremonies

Date : 2018.12.11(Tue) - 2019.5.12(Sun)

[Gallery 3] The Shape of Good Luck Omens

Date : 2019.1.5(Sat) - 2019.2.11(Mon)

Seasonal Exhibition at the Botanical Garden of Everyday Life

Traditional Primroses

Date : 2018.4.10(Tue) - 2018.5.6(Sun)

Enjoy the beautiful traditional primroses displayed in tiers.

Traditional Japanese Morning Glories

Date : 2018.7.31(Tue) - 2018.9.9(Sun)

Be amazed by mutant Japanese morning glories from the Edo Period.
The garden opens from 8:30 a.m. on August13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, and 19.

Traditional Antique Chrysanthemum

Date : 2018.10.30(Tue) - 2018.11.25(Sun)

Be impressed by the splendor of chrysanthemums, including the Edo chrysanthemum.

Winter Flowers: Camellia Sasanqua

Date : 2018.11.27(Tue) - 2019.1.27(Sun)

An introduction to the world of Camellia Sasanqua.

*Blooming periods may vary due to weather.