Outline of Exhibition

2003 Exhibition of New Acquisitions
Period of exhibition Wednesday, January 14 to Sunday, February 15, 2004
Exhibition site Special Exhibition Galleries
Admission fee Included in general admission fee

One of Rekihaku's most important activities is the collection of historical items. The museum collects cultural assets and important historical items that provide information about Japan's history and culture for the purpose of research and in order to prevent them from being lost.

Although we collect a large number of items every year, many of them cannot be made available to the public in general or special exhibitions, which have limited space and schedules. For this reason, once every year, the museum sets up a place available to the public for the display of newly acquired items that have had little or no opportunity to be exhibited.

This year we are off to a good start with significant items from various areas, such as "Items related to Hirata Atsutane", "Collection of exported lacquer ware", and "Kazuki collection - kimono-shaped hood garments for women".

Exhibit items

  1. Collection of Paleolithic items from around the world
  2. Kamegaoka-style spouted earthenware
  3. Items related to wars in modern times
  4. Items related to Hirata Atsutane
  5. Items related to festivals
  6. Collection of exported lacquer ware
  7. Veil and kimono collection - women's clothes for going out
  8. Items related to pre-modern and modern dyeing and weaving