New Collection of Exhibits
Date Tuesday, January 16, 2001 through Sunday, February 18
Admission Including in General Admission Fee

This exhibition will provide wide public access to recently collected material and items gathered together in the past for which there have been few opportunities to put on display.

In addition to newly assembled material grouped by genre, the items to be displayed in this exhibition have been selected with a particular focus on the three major rites of passage in life: birth, marriage, and death.

Principal materials scheduled for exhibition:


  • Materials from Ura Mamiya Josan-in maternity clinic, relating to the midwife, Yoshi Irie, and from the Seizo Miwa family collection


  • Sakanadai and narahorai pieces for wedding rituals, wedding dress, wedding accessories, and other wedding-related objects


  • Sui and Tang dynasty senkokuga (line-carved pictures), a reproduction of a boat for the spirits of the dead used in Nagasaki prefecture, and a collection of items used during funerals

Other newly assembled materials

  • Swords from the old Sakaniwa family collection, materials related to the Tientsin Japanese School, Nagasaki handiworks (makie chest of drawers), Negoro trays (trays with legs), and post-Edo-era medical documents from the Kaneko family collection