The Jomon people in the northern Island Cultural interchange beyond the sea
Period July 4 through August 27

About 3800 years ago, the Jomon people lived in Rebun Island in Hokkaido which is the north end of the Jomon culture.Though the people lived of hunting Japanese sea lions and Steller's sea lions, they also made some kind of ornaments made of shell beads and used them by themselves.And what is more, they supplied many places in Hokkaido and Siberia with those ornaments.

This fact became clear by excavation at the site of Funadomari in recent yearsAlong with this, the site of Hamanaka2 which is also facing Funadomari bay, was also excavated almost at the same time.

This exhibition is based on the fruits of those research excavations and to be mainly focused on the production and the exchange of shell beads to describe their activities in Rebun Island.