Outline of Exhibition

Winter Flowers "Camellia Sasanqua"

Camellia sasanqua "O-migoromo"(Edo sasanqua)

Camellia sasanqua, or "sasanka" as the species is commonly known in Japan, are shrubs that are native to Japan and join the camellia in being one of the few plants to brighten gardens in winter. At the Botanical Garden of Everyday Life we have gathered and held "Winter Flowers: Camellia Sasanqua" exhibitions as a contrast to the summer "Japanese Morning Glory - The Tradition" exhibitions held annually since 2001. Types on display include unique specimens called "Edo sasanqua" and "Higo sasanqua."

Sasanqua are classified according to four main categories: Camellia sasanqua, Camellia X hiemalis, Camellia X vernalis and Camellia obscura cv. Tagoto-no-Tsuki. They flower from around November through February, and flower in the order of Camellia sasanqua, Camellia obscura cv. Tagoto-no-Tsuki, Camellia X hiemalis and Camellia X vernalis. With the exception of Camellia X vernalis, all have been selected from varieties grown by seed, a method of creating varieties that is a major feature of horticulture in Japan. In "Edo-zu Byobu" ("Folding screen depicting Edo") held in the collection of the National Museum of Japanese History, yellow and blue camellia are pictured in the "o-hanabatake" (flower gardens) within the castle grounds. Their depiction here tells us that these shrubs were grown as rare specimens.

At the Botanical Garden of Everyday Life we show the relationship between people and sasanqua through a unique approach that incorporates the two perspectives of genetic resources and cultural heritage while looking at documents (historical materials) and existing types of this plant.

Period Dec 2 (Tue), 2008- Feb 1 (Sun), 2009
Venue Botanical Garden of Everyday Life, National Museum of Japanese History

Groups of 20 or more: ¥50 per person
* Free admission for children junior high school age and younger
* Free admission for high school students every Saturday

Hours 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
(no entrance after 4:00 p.m.)

Dec 8 (Mon), 15 (Mon), 22 (Mon),
Dec 27 (Sat), 2008- Jan 5 (Mon), 2009,
13 (Tue), 19 (Mon), and 26 (Mon)

Sponsor National Museum of Japanese History

Exhibition Lineup

The exhibition features 70 Camellia sasanqua, 43 Camellia X hiernalis, 32 Camellia X vernalis and one Camellia obscura cv. Tagoto-no-Tsuki collected, cultivated and raised following the donation of varieties to the Botanical Garden of Everyday Life in 2000. They are displayed around the Azuma-ya and in pots in greenhouses, and some are planted in permanent sites.

Camellia sasanqua ”O-migoromo” (Edo sasanqua)

Camellia sasanqua "O-migoromo"
(Edo sasanqua)

Camellia X hiemalis ”Hikuma-otome”

Camellia X hiemalis "Hikuma-otome"

Camellia X vernalis ”Kira-hiryu”

Camellia X vernalis

Camellia obscura cv. Tagoto-no-Tsuki ”Ginpo”

Camellia obscura cv. Tagoto-no-Tsuki

Note: Please note that items in the exhibition are subject to change.