Rekihaku Forum

Rekihaku Forum is a periodic symposium that introduces the general public to special exhibitions and research conducted at Rekihaku. It is held three to five times annually either in the Rekihaku Lecture Hall or at outside conference centers. Registration required.

Rekihaku Lecture Series

Rekihaku Lecture Series hosts talks by Rekihaku faculty or outside researchers on the second Saturday of every month. Exploring Rekihaku explains Rekihaku's exhibitions and archival materials to elementary and middle school students on the second Saturday of each month. No registration required.

Rekihaku International Symposium and Research Meeting

Rekihaku International Symposium and Research Meeting are organized as part of international exchange and scholarly collaboration, bringing together researchers from around the world to share and discuss latest research findings and ideas.

Rekihaku Cinema

Rekihaku Cinema presents ethnographic and documentary films directed and collected by Rekihaku. Audience will have the chance to deepen their insights into folklore and history through films and descriptions offered by faculty members. Attendance is free. No registration required.

Other Events

Find out more on our Japanese Page about the Observation Programs at the Botanical Garden of Everyday Life, Family Programs and other events such as encore films and seasonal events. Encore films include rerun of films shown at Rekihaku Forum.