Past Rekihaku Forums


January 21, 2017 [104th Forum]
The Historical Episode of Bird in New Year


November 26, 2016 [103th Forum]
The Research for the Relics Excavated from Kinreiduka Kofun Tumuli

September 17, 2016 [102th Forum]
What is Engishiki?

July 2, 2016 [11th Film Forum]
Challengers of Passing on Sanno Festival: Current Report on Minatsuki in Wajima City

April 16, 2016 [101th Forum]
Only Yesterday: The Day of Japanese Fountain Pen

February 20, 2016 [10th Film Forum]
Memories of Yakushima’s Forests in the Hearts of the People

January 16, 2016 [100th Forum]
The Monkey in the Year of the Monkey


December 6, 2015 [99th Forum]
How Can We Define the Jomon Period, Culture, and Society?

November 21, 2015 [98th Forum]
Further Perspectives on the Plant Use of Jomon People: Its Beginning and the Use of Woven Baskets and Ropes

October 3, 2015 [97th Forum]
Cultural History of Relations between People and Plants: Expressing in the Botanical Garden of Everyday Life


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