AOKI Takahiro Assoc.Prof. Sake brewing industry, Formative process of moral precepts
FUJIO Shin'ichiro Prof. Transition to agriculture in prehistory; History of iron production; Construction of the Yayoi and Kofun period by radiocarbon dating
FUKUOKA Mariko Assoc.Prof. Diplomacy and cross-cultural intercourse in the 19th Century East Asia,History of German-Dutch-Japanese Relations
GOTO Makoto Assoc.Prof.

Digital Humanities, Integrated Study of Cultural and Research Resources.
Especially, Method of constructing large scale database for the Japanese historical studies.

HAYASHIBE Hitoshi Prof. Study on formation process of imperial palaces and capitals in ancient Japan, Comparative study on imperial palaces and capitals in East Asia, Archaeological study on ancient local communifies
HIDAKA Kaori Prof. History of Japanese lacquerwork
HIGUCHI Takehiko Prof. Former Bakufu retainers
KAWAMURA Kiyoshi Assoc.Prof. Research on contemporary festival and folk preformances, Represented folk culture in media and folklorism
KOIKE Jun'ichi Prof. Folk belief, A History of Folklore, Writing Culture on Foutain Pens
KOSETO-HORYU Emi Assoc.Prof. Chemical analysis of cultural properties, Studies in the relationship between environments and deterioration of cultural objects
MATSUDA Mutsuhiko Assoc.Prof. Research on the cultural aspects of lifestyle, focusing on livelihood, with particular emphasis on technologies for livelihood as well as phenomena such as migration, creeds, and rituals connected to livelihood. Includes a comparison of Japan and Korea.
MATSUGI Takehiko Head of the Department of Japnese History,Prof. Japanese archaeology, Theoretical archaeology based on cognitive and evolutionary science, Comparative archaeology on prehistoric monuments
MATSUO Kouichi Prof. Folk religion/belief and ritual/performing arts; Research on craftmen's ritual and magic; Comparative folklore in East Asia
MIKAMI Yoshitaka Prof. Research on Ancient East Asian written culture focusing on archaeological written material
MURAKI Jiro Assoc.Prof. Archaeological studies in the middle ages
NISHITANI Masaru Director-Gneneral,Prof. Historical change of Subsistence, Shifting cultivation, Rice field, Market
NITO Atsushi Prof. Establishment process of Japanese ancient capital cities, Theoretical study of ancient sovereignty, Ancient local societies
OGURA Shigeji Prof. History of Shinto shrine system in ancient Japan, Historical studies of the Imperial Court libraries in premodern Japan
OKUBO Junichi Deputy Director-General,Prof. Study of Ukiyo-e, Study of landscape in later Edo period
SAITO Tsutomu Prof. Chemical studies of materials, manufacturing-technique and provenance on cultural properties
SAKAMOTO Minoru Prof. Dating and provenance research on historical and archaeological materials by isotope analysis
SAWADA Kazuto Assoc.Prof. Relationship between material, technique and idea of clothes, Vestment of Buddhist priest mainly in Muromachi period
SEKIZAWA Mayumi Deputy Director-General,Prof. Folklore perspectives on society and rituals
SUZUKI Takuzi Prof. Study of museum information systems to support research activities, exhibition, and public relations: Especially interested in information processing of color and image
TAKATA Kanta Prof. Archaeological research on ancient Japan-Korea relationship
TANAKA Hiroki Assoc.Prof. History of Warrior Bands and Warrior Lords in medieval Japan
UCHIDA Junko Prof. Research on ethnographic audio-visual
UENO Yoshifumi Assoc.Prof. Archaeological study of ancient East Asia
YAMADA Shinya Prof. Funeral ritual and cultural concept of death, Modern society and folk culture, Death and life studies