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FY 2021 Application Guidelines for Collaborative Research

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Introduction to Collaborative Researches of the National Museum of Japanese History (PDF)

Ongoing Collaborative Research

Research projects at Rekihaku are organized and conducted with researchers in Japan and overseas. Collaborative research consists of “principal research” aiming for interdisciplinary collaboration on core research themes based on Rekihaku’s mission, “fundamental research” addressing the development of methodological foundations for historical studies, and “developmental research” aimed at breaking ground for new areas of study and developing human resources.

Type of Research Research Title Head of the Research Team Research Period
Principal Research
Reconstructing the Image of Medieval Japanese Society Based on Historical and Cultural Materials Prof. KOJIMA Michihiro FY2016-2018
Principal Research
[Branch A]
A Study of the Rule of Samurai Feudal Lords in the Provinces of Medieval Japan Assoc. Prof. TANAKA Hiroki FY2016-2018
Principal Research
[Branch B]
A Study of the Role of Marine Transportation in International Exchanges in Medieval Japan Assoc. Prof. ARAKI Kazunori FY2016-2018
Principal Research
[Branch C]
The Style and Function of Medieval Documents: Their International Comparison and Potential Educational Use Prof. KOJIMA Michihiro FY2016-2018
Principal Research
Development of Chronology through Research Integration to Establish a New View of the Prehistoric and Ancient History of Japan: Pioneering a New Discipline and Communicating Research Findings Prof. FUJIO Shin’ichiro FY2015-2018
Principal Research
[Branch B]
A Study of Society in the Ancient Japanese Archipelago from the Perspectives of the North and South: Interaction and
Creation of Communities and Environmental Changes in the Japanese Archipelago
Assoc. Prof. MIKAMI Yoshitaka FY2016-2018
Type of Research Research Title Head of the Research Team Research Period
Fundamental Research Interdisciplinary Research on Reitokaku-Shukocho from the Perspective of Integrated Studies of Research Resources Assoc. Prof. FUJIWARA Shigeo, Historiographical Institute, The University of Tokyo FY2017-2019
Fundamental Research Taxonomic Reconsideration of the Pleistocene Fauna and Flora in the Naora Collection, and Its Current Reappraisal Prof. KOHNO Naoki, Department of Geology and Paleontology, National Museum of Nature and Science FY2017-2019
Fundamental Research Re-examination of History of East Asian International Relations of the Transitional Period from Early Modern to Modern: A
Comparison of Japan, China, and Siam
Assoc. Prof. FUKUOKA Mariko FY2016-2018
Fundamental Research Gendering the History of the Japanese Archipelago Prof. YOKOYAMA Yuriko FY2016-2018
Fundamental Research Reconsideration of Jomon Social Structure Based on Excavated Human Skeleton from Archaeological, Anthropological and
Chronological Perspectives
Prof. YAMADA Yasuhiro FY2016-2018
Fundamental Research Research on Wood Members of Historical Building Based on Wood Science Prof. SAKAMOTO Minoru FY2016-2018
Fundamental Research The Production, Preservation, and Sharing of Films as Resources for Historical and Ethnological Studies and Development
of Rekihaku-based Platform
Assoc. Prof. UCHIDA Junko FY2016-2018

Completed Collaborative Research

For a full list of collaborative research projects conducted since FY2004, click here

Ongoing NIHU Transdisciplinary Projects

NIHU Transdisciplinary Projects are research projects promoted by the National Institutes for the Humanities (NIHU). NIHU consists of six inter-university research institutes including Rekihaku and the following: National Institute of Japanese Literature (NIJL); National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics (NINJAL); International Research Center for Japanese Studies (Nichibunken); Research Institute for Humanity and Nature (RIHN); National Museum of Ethnology (Minpaku).

Institute-based Projects
Multidisciplinary Collaborative Projects

Change of Local Communities and Reconstruction of Community Cultures after Disasters in the Japanese Archipelago [lead institution: Rekihaku, NINJAL]

Development of a Field of Comprehensive Bibliographical Studies from an Interdisciplinary Perspective [lead institution: NIJL]

Network-based Projects

Japan-related Documents and Artifacts Held Overseas: NIHU International Collaborative Research and Utilization  [lead institution: Nichibunken]

Completed NIHU Transdisciplinary Projects

For an overview of completed NIHU Transdisciplinary Projects, click here

Past Calls for Collaborative Research Proposals

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