A dialogue with the German Historical Museum

Name A dialogue with the German Historical Museum
Schedule November 29, 2008

The Deutsches Historisches Museum opened in June 2006, as a historical museum of the Federal Republic of Germany. While preparing an exhibition of a national history is difficult enough in itself, the creation of a historical museum that is, in effect, a national institute in Germany also holds great significance for Japan, given that both Germany and Japan were defeated during World War II. The Deutsches Historisches Museum held a symposium in March 2007 entitled, "The Memory of Nations," which brought together museums that grapple with the creation of national histories. Rekihaku, too, was invited to the symposium; since then, the two museums have been active in undertaking mutual exchanges. Based on the will of both museums to continue talks on the shared theme of creating exhibitions of national history, we will invite the Assistant Director of the Deutsches Historisches Museum to make a presentation at Rekihaku.

This seminar is conducted as a part of the research on historical representation that involves trans-disciplinary projects—entitled "Study of Samurai Objects as resources for Comparative History and Intercultural Presentation"—which is promoted by the National Institutes for the Humanities.