Dialogue with History Exhibition

Name Disseminating Memories for Creating Citizens
Schedule October 6, 2005

Along with propagating "lifetime learning," the number of roles expected of a museum has been constantly increasing. Under such circumstances, recent focus has been on what a museum should or can do, in order to intermediate the "succession of memories" and the "formation of citizens." In other words, a museum is expected to relate to people's "memories."

Of course, fulfilling this role is easier said than done. There is always the danger that a museum may become involved in a "one-sided" formation of a "nation's memory." When we speak of "memories to be handed down," there is inevitably a value-judging premise of "those memories that are worthy of preservation." It also leads to the question of how to evaluate the efforts made by local museums to pass down memories pertaining to disasters and wars. Taking into account these issues, we would like to consider the possible ways in which a museum can relate to "memories." For this purpose, we would like to set up a meeting with those having an interest in this theme, to consider this principle and the practical roles of a museum with respect to "memory."