International Exchanges of Paekche

Name The Latest Research from the Tomb of King Munyeong
Schedule December 9, 2005

Recently we have seen active discussions about Japan–South Korea exchanges during the Kofun period. When we speak of exchanges between Yamato and Paekche in the sixth century, in particular, we cannot overlook the roles of King Muryong in Paekche, who was actively involved in exchange activities with the Southern Dynasty in China and Yamato.

In this workshop based on Rekihaku's basic cooperative research, we introduce the results of the latest research on artifacts excavated from the tomb of King Muryong in Kongju, South Korea, where reinvestigation and reanalysis have been undertaken. Additionally, we also introduce the research results pertaining to related materials and consider international exchanges in sixth-century East Asia, which had been intermediated by Paekche.