Title Author
Group of Recipients of Chinese Classics in Kyoto and Kamakura in the Mid Kamakura Period:Between Kankensho and KyureishuPDF FUKUSHIMA Kaneharu
The Temple’s Field Assessed by the Japanese Government in the 8th Century PDF MIKAWA Masahiro
Clan System and Dual Organization of the Final Jomon Period in Mikawa Region, Central Japan PDF HARUNARI Hideji
Chiefs in the Kofun(Tumulus)Period: Consideration of Multiple Burials in the Early to Middle Kofun PeriodPDF HIROSE Kazuo
Research Notes
Thoughts on the Relationship Between Emperor Reigen and Sanjonishi Sanenori NOMURA Gen
Preliminary Experiment Concerning the Making of Jomon Pottery: Research on Reduction Rate Using Tempering Materials in Incipient-phase Jomon Pottery KOBAYASHI Ken’ichi, SAKAMOTO Minoru, MURATA Rokuroutaand Kasori Shell Mound Pottery-Making Club
Research Materials
Rongo-soryaku”owned by Manshuinmonzeki, Facsimile Edition and Reprint TAKADA Sohei

Collaborative Research :
Popular magazines on Omens, Knowledge, Taboos and Magic

Title Author
Intention and Progress of Collaborative Research TSUNEMITSU Toru
Birth of Kasha PDF KATSUDA Itaru
Makuradango and Thoughts of the Dead PDF YAMADA Shin’ya
Publication of Secret Arts : Incantations in Books of Magic Tricks during the Edo Period PDF YOKOYAMA Yasuko
Dreams and Incantations PDF HANABE Hideo
Comparison of Thoughts about the Prevention of Evils through Costumes : Focusing on the Costume Designs of Noro Priests in Amami and Folk Costumes in Northern Laos PDF KAWANO Kazuaki
Study of Samuhara Belief : Transformation from Protection against Injuries to Protection against Bullets PDF WATANABE Kazuhiro
Ships and Tree Spirit Belief in the Ryukyu Islands Arc PDF MATSUO Koichi
Eye Folklore : A Base of Omens, Knowledge, Taboos and Magic PDF KOIKE Jun’ichi
Skin Disease and Gods of the Boundaries : A Step toward the Study of the History of Japanese “Senmin” PDF KUJIRAI Chisato
Epidemic and Prophet Beasts PDF TSUNEMITSU Toru
Incantations and Civilization in the Beginning of the Meiji Era PDF OGINO Natsuki
Folk Beliefs, Proverbs, and Haiku over Animals and Plants PDF SHINOHARA Toru
Meaning and Function of Yudate Kagura : The Reflection of To- yama Shimotsuki Matsuri (November Festival at To- yama Area) in Nagano Prefecture of Japan PDF SUZUKI Masataka
Research Notes
Epidemic and Magic in “Diary at Shinkakuji Temple” UMENO Mitsuoki
Fishermen’s View of Magic : Tradition of Ogata Eishichi Okina in Kogoshio, Kesennuma, Miyagi KAWASHIMA Shuichi
A Study of the Chain Mail MARUYAMA Yasuaki

Collaborative Research :
Study of Arms and Armor in Middle-Period Tumuli :
An Initial Research Based on Artifacts from the Marozuka Tomb

Title Author
Part I. Overview of the Research
Part II. Research on the Artifacts Recovered from the Marozuka Tomb
Part II. Research on the Artifacts Recovered from the Shichikan Tomb in 1913
Part IV. Articles
The Manufacturing Technology of Obigane-shiki Armor PDF FURUYA Takeshi
A Study of Byōdome Tankō Armor Unearthed in Kumamoto:
Chronological Placement and Distribution PDF
The Lineage of Mabisashi-tsuki Helmets, with a Focus on the Mabisashi-tsuki Helmets of the Marozuka Tomb PDF HASHIMOTO Tatsuya
Transitions in Kozane Byōdome Shōkaku-tsuki Helmets and Their Significance PDF SUZUKI Kazunao
The Lineage of Line-Engraved Iron Arrowheads PDF SUZUKI Kazunao
Obigane-shiki Armor and Mirrors as Grave Goods PDF UENO Yoshifumi
The Tumuli of the Kikuchi River Watershed PDF TAKAKI Kyouji
The Background to the Appearance of the Marozuka Tomb PDF SUGII Takeshi
Part V. Review of Studies on Ancient Armors in the Kofun Period
Part VI. Overview

Collaborative Research :
Study of Process of Permanent Settlement in East Asia in the Pre-historical Period

Title Author
Study of Process of Permanent Settlement in East Asia in the Pre-historical Period : Its Bacground and Results KOBAYASHI Ken’ichi
Part I Study of Sedentarization in the Incipient Jomon Period
Female Figurines and Batons Engraved with Sexual Symbols in the World Palaeolithic Age PDF HARUNARI Hideji
Calibrated Radiocarbon Dates of the Earliest Pottery in the Japanese Archipelago : Distinction between IntCal04 and IntCal09, and “the Year 13,000 Problem” PDF KUDO Yuichiro
Analysis of the Composition of Stone Implements from the Rock Shelter of Kamikuroiwa PDF WATANUKI Shun’ichi
Research Materials
Stone Implements Excavated at the Kamikuroiwa Site, Part 2 WATANUKI Shun’ichi
Living Space at the Kamikuroiwa Site in Ehime Prefecture : In Connection with Settlement at the Initial Stage of the Jomon Period and in the Early Jomon Period PDF YAHAGI Kenji
Terrain Environment at the Initial Stage of the Jomon Period : Location of the Remains Around the Kanda River on Musashino Daichi PDF HASHIMOTO Makio
Report on Investigation and Research Activities
Survey Report About the Actual State of the Kamikuroiwa Site KOBAYASHI Ken’ichi
Research Notes
Radiocarbon-dating of Earthenware from the Initial Stage to the Early Stage of the Jomon Period in the Tokai Region ONBE Shin, MIYATA Yoshiki, KOBAYASHI Ken’ichi
Petrographic Analysis of Early Jomon Pottery from Tochigi Prefecture, Japan PDF KASAI Manabu
Part II Study of Process Sedentary Settlements in the Middle Jomon Period
Colonies and Disposal in the Middle Jomon Period : Mainly in the First Half to the Second Half of the Middle Jomon Period in South Kanto PDF NAKAYAMA Shinji
Colony Landscape on the Eastern Margin of the Musashino Daichi in the Middle Jomon Period PDF USAMI Tetsuya
Study of the Burial Process of House-Pit Vestiges of the Jomon Period PDF KOBAYASHI Ken’ichi
Change of Colony in the Upper Reaches of the Abukuma River from the Middle to the Late Jomon Period : From the Excavation Survey of the Shibahara A Site and the Koshitawa Site in Miharu-machi, Fukushima Prefecture PDF FUKUSHIMA Masayoshi
Research Notes
Scale of the Colony at the Sasanosawa (3) Site NAKAMURA Tetsuya
Report on Investigation and Research Activities
Database of Colonies of the Middle Jomon Period (in Tokyo) KOBAYASHI Ken’ichi

Collaborative Research :
Japan's Period of Rapid Economic Growth and Lifestyle Changes

Title Author
Progress and Overview of the Collaborative Research TAKANORI Shintani
From Development in the '50s to Growth in the '60s : Economy and Society in the High-Growth Period PDF ASAI Yoshio
Transformation of Migrant Farmers' Image : Seasonal Workers'Unemployment Insurance Problem PDF KASE Kazutoshi
Experience of the High-Economic-Growth Period in Suburban Rural Villages : Through an Analysis of Residents'Employment Histories and the Hirasen Lace House Journal "Mutsumi" PDF YUZAWA Noriko
Common-Use Spaces and the Residents'Network in Akabanedai Danchi PDF SHINOHARA Satoko
Experiment in Life in Tama New Town PDF KANEKO Atsushi
Urban Planning and Urban Development in the High-growth Period : Reorganization and Communality of House Space as Seen in "Machiya Tour of Dolls" in Murakami City, Niigata Prefecture PDF YANO Keiichi
The Development of the Commercial TV Business and the Change of People's Lives during Japan's Period of Rapid Economic Growth PDF ISHIKAWA Ken
The High-Economic-Growth Period and Change of Lifestyles : From theTheme of the 6th Exhibition "Modern Times" PDF SEKIZAWA Mayumi
High Economic Growth and Change of Life in Mountain Villages PDF YUKAWA Yoji
A Study of the Vegetation Changes Triggered by the High Economic Growth Period PDF OGURA Jun'ichi
Effects of High Economic Growth on Upriver and Downriver Residents : An Example of the Ohta River PDF CHIDA Takeshi
High Economic Growth and the Change in Agriculture of Japan : One Trial Assumption from the Japanese Cultural Traditionology PDF SHINTANI Takanori
Inter-Regional Cooperation and High Economic Growth PDF TANAKA Sen'ichi
The Meaning of "Bisharu"(Throwing Away) Food : Case Study of a Rural Village during a Period of Rapid Economic Growth PDF HURUIE Harumi
Decline and Expression of Folklore : High Economic Growth as Experienced by the Local Quarrying Industry PDF MATSUDA Mutsuhiko
Research Notes
Analysis of a Farmer's Household Budget in the High-Economic-Growth Period : Case Example of the Three-Chobu Farmer, the Muramatsu Family, in the Southern Part of Ibaraki Prefecture NAGAE Masakazu
Change of Groups in Villages before and after
the High-Economic-Growth Period : The Case of the Middle Reaches
of the Ohta River(Shinshu region)
Change of Life Associated with Large-Scale Development
in the Coastal Area of Tokyo Bay : Case Example of Urayasu
in the High-Economic-Growth Period
KATO Hideo
Research Materials
Minobe's Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the "Tokyo Garbage War" NAKAMURA Masanori
Survey Materials on Means of Livelihood in Tagokura SEKIZAWA Mayumi


Title Author
Project on Study of Japanese Fountain Pen PDF KOIKE Jun’ichi
Burial Mounds in the Tama River Basin in the Late or End Kofun Period:Dynamics of the Togoku Region in the 7th Century PDF HIROSE Kazuo
Research Notes

History of the Japan-Korea Relationship in the Tumulus Period and Organization from an Archaeologically Historical Perspective on the State Formation Theory

Research Materials
Introduction to Historical Materials: Tanaka Book “Sanetaka Hyakushu and Ippon Gyo Waka for the Memorial Service at the 33rd Anniversary of Gojonji-dono’s Death”, Shihai Monjo TAKAHASHI Kazuki
Contents of “Bulletin of the National Museum of Japanese History” vol.151~vol.170

Collaborative Research :
Statements and Practices Regarding Body and Character

Title Author
Intention and Progress of Collaborative Research YAMADA Shin'ya
Transnational Adoptees Who Became Transnational Adoptive Parents : Scandinavian Cases PDF DEGUCHI Akira
Fluidity and Interactivity Between Body and Sense of Self : An Anthropological Approach to Cosmetic Surgery in Japan PDF KAWAZOE Hiroko
The Suffering of People Living with Schizophrenia and Their Ways of Life in Contemporary Society : A Case Study of Tojisha Kenkyu at Urakawa Bethel Home, and Mental Health Services in Urakawa-machi, Hokkaido PDF UKIGAYA Sachiyo
The Physical Practice of Shisha-Kuyo(spiritual aid for the dead) in Terms of a Personal Relationship PDF IKEGAMI Yoshimasa
Issues Related to the Body and Funeral Attendance PDF NAGASAWA Toshiaki
Portraits of the Deceased and Their Personalities : The Treatment of Portrait Photos in Funeral Photo Albums PDF YAMADA Shin'ya
Where do People Bury Their Beloved Ones? : Some Aspects of Tipo,Jok and Abila among the Alur People in East Africa PDF TAHARA Noriko
Preservation of Relics : The Case of the late A. C. K. Oboth-Ofumbi in Tororo, Eastern Uganda PDF UMEYA Kiyoshi
The Scope and Rearrangement of Durkheim's "Cult of the Individual" : The Legalization of Illegal Occupation of the Itami Airport Site PDF KANEBISHI Kiyoshi
Status Identities of Outcastes(Senmin)and Peasants(Hyakusho) in Late Tokugawa Japan PDF KINOSHITA Mitsuo
Ear Folklore : A Folkloric Basis for Bodily Senses PDF KOIKE Jun'ichi
Environmental Design for Proper Guidance of Thought : Reading Ungai Hosono's Fumetsu no Funbo PDF DOI Hiroshi
Changes in the Epitaphs of Edo PDF TANIGAWA Akio
Daimyo Funeral Customs and Society in Early Modern Japan PDF IWABUCHI Reiji

Study of the Munro Collection :
With a Focus on the Photos, Films and Documents

Title Author
Overview of the Research UCHIDA Junko
Various Problems Associated with Preparing Photos and Movies as Materials : For the Munro Collection PDF UCHIDA Junko
Publication of Traditional Knowledge and Utilization as "Social Capital" : With a Focus on the Social Network Analysis of the Munro Correspondence in UK PDF TEZUKA Kaoru
What Will the Munro Text "Repatriate"? : Present-Day Significance of the Project for Digitizing Materials Related to Neil Gordon Munro PDF DERIHA Koji 
Research Notes
Regional Issues Regarding the Study and Utilization of Materials Related to Neil Gordon Munro : In Line with the Present State of Succession of the
Ainu Culture in the Biratori Region, Hokkaido 
Neil Gordon Munro's Engagements to the AINU Folklore Film Making
in 1930-ies: Largely Along the Documentation of UEPOTARA or the
Exorcism Rites
OKADA Kazuo 

Comparison of "Ainu Photo Collections" : Collections Owned by the
Nibutani Ainu Culture Museum in Biratori and the National Museum of Japanese History

Research Materials
"Photos of the Ainu Folkways at the Saru River, Hokkaido"
Owned by the National Museum of Japanese History 
Lantern Slide Owned by the Historical Museum of Hokkaido TEZUKA Kaoru and DERIHA Koji
Report on the Investigation and Research Activities
The Process of Digitization Work in "The Project for Digitizing Materials Related to Neil Gordon Munro"  SHIROISHI Rina

Collaborative Research :
Study of the Museum's Collections of Musical Instruments Handed Down in the Kishu-Tokugawa Family

Title Author
Progress and Overview of the Collaborative Research TAKAKUWA Izumi and HIDAKA Kaori
Ryuteki/Nokan of the Heirloom of Kishu-Tokugawa Famiry PDF TAKAKUWA Izumi
Biwa of the Heirloom of Kishu-Tokugawa Famiry PDF KOMODA Haruko
Koto of the Heirloom of Kishu-Tokugawa Famiry PDF NOGAWA Mihoko

Gagaku Scores of the Heirloom of Kishu-Tokugawa Famiry
Appendix Revised and Extended Edition of the Part of Gagaku Scores in the "Illustrated Catalogue of National Museum of Japanese History Vol.3"PDF

ENDO Toru, SHIMIZU Yoshiko and Maeshima Miho

Image of Gagaku Seen in "Nishihama Goten Bugaku No Zu":

Meaning and Function of Gagaku of Tokugawa Harutomi PDF

Research Notes
X-ray Transmission Analysis method of Hichiriki/Ryuteki/Nokan/Komabue/Kagurabue NAGASHIMA Masaharu

Studies and Problems of Old Musical Instruments as Cultural Assets

Research Materials
Supplementary Reprints to the Accompanying documents of the Musical Instruments of the Heirloom of Kishu-Tokugawa Family OJIRO Wataru

Collaborative Research :
Basic Research on the Development and Formation of Folk Studies in Japan

Title Author
Plan, Progress and Result of Basic Research on the Development and Formation of Folk Studies in Japan KOIKE Jun'ichi
Part 1
Construction of History of Folklore Sutudies in Modern Japan PDF SATO Kenji
Viewpoints of Magazines and History of Folklore Studies : "Minzoku" by Gaha Ishibashi and "Minkan-densho"by Kizen Sasaki PDF KOIKE Jun!ichi
Knowledge and Vision : "Way of Looking / Seeng" in Cultural Anthropology and Folklore Studies PDF KAWADA Makito
Yanagita Kunio and "Worship of the Powerful": Characteristics of the Meaning in Contemporaneous Discourse Space PDF MUROI Kousei
Part 2
From Kyōdo-shumi (Local Taste) to Minzoku-geijutsu (Folk Art) : Research Note on Takeuchi Katsutaro PDF MANABE Masayoshi
Tadaatshu Ishiguro and Periphery of Folklore Studies : Focusing on His Activity at Kyodokai PDF WADA Ken
Dear Izuru Shinmura : Fragment of History of Folklore Studies Seen in Letter of Kunio Yanagita PDF KIKUCHI Akira
Part 3
Formation of Folk Songs in Modern Period : Focusing on "Kokiriko" in Gokayama, Toyama PDF KAWAMURA Kiyoshi
Vocabulary and Context of Minorities : Masao Shiba and Fukugo PDF YAMADA Itsuko
A Study on Objectification of Tournaments in Folklore Studies :
From Modernization of the Tournament System over Amateur Sumo after the Early Modern Period PDF
INOUE Soichiro
Kunio Yanagita and Study on Entertainment ; Study on Entertainment of Kunio Yanagita PDF MATSUO Koichi
Research Notes
Positioning and Purpose of the Deceased Rituals in Researchs of Mountain Villages and Sea Villages YAMADA Shin'ya
Taboos and Sanctions : What Kunio Yanagita Sought from Tozo Suzuki TSUNEMITSU Toru
Part 4
Research Materials
Narrators and Listeners of Folk Stories TAKEDA Tadashi
Fifty years of Survey on Oral Literature : Guided by Letters from Professor Keigo Seki and Professor Tozo Suzuki SASAKI Tatsuji
Yasuo Hashiura "My Stay in Goto" TSURUMI Taro
Material : "Toward the Day when Our Folkloristic Insight Save our Nation" : Letters and Postcards from kunio Yanagita to Ichiro Kurata TOTSUKA Hiromi

Bibliography of Literary Works of Kunio Yanagita

TANAKA Masaaki

Collaborative Research :
Diversified Utilization of Nature in East Asia :
Paddy-field Agricultural People and Burnt-field Agricultural People

Title Author
Overview and Progress of the Collaborative Research NISHITANI Masaru
Relationship between the Boundary Dividing Wild Plants and Cultivated Plants and Livelihood PDF SHINOHARA Toru and NISHITANI Masaru
Creation of a Market Mechanism in View of the Livelihood Complex in Zhemigu PDF NISHITANI Masaru
Political Ecology of "Cormorant Fishing":
Change of "Cormorant Fishing" under the Decrease of Fishing Area in the Lake Poyang, China PDF
UDA Shuhei
The Hani People's Use of Edible Wild Flora and Fauna in the Border Region of China PDF HAYAMA Shigeru
A Study on Respondence of Knowledge about Wild Useful Plants to Modernization :
In Li People Village, Hainan, China PDF
Research Notes

An Analysis of Land Use Patterns in Zhemi Valley, Yunnan Province :
Application of Spatial Information Science

UMEZAKI Masahiro and NISHITANI Masaru


Title Author
The Perspective of Early Sueki Based on the Ceramic PDF KIM Il-kyu
Study of History of Ideas of ARASE Yutaka : Principle of Criticism of Jourmalism PDF NEZU Tomohiko
Ancient Imperial Capital and Koriyama Site / Tagajo :
Introduction to the Theory of Local Government Offices seen from the Ancient Imperial Capita lPDF
Radiocarbon Dating the Appearance of Kofun PDF HARUNARI Hideji, KOBAYASHI Ken'ichi, SAKAMOTO Minoru, IMAMURA Mineo, OZAKI Hiromasa, FUJIO Shin'ichiro and NISHIMOTO Toyohiro
Historical Meaning of Ancient Tombs in Late Stage in Shimotsuke Area:
A Case Example of the Rule of the Eastarn Area in the 6th and 7th Centuries PDF
The History of Acceptance "Lunyu-yishu" in Ancient Japan PDF TAKADA Sohei
Research Notes

Basic Research on the Manuscripts of "Honcho-Koin-Jounroku" (a Japanese Imperial Genealogy)

OGURA Shigeji
Research Materials
"Shutsujin Shidai": Battlecamp Customs and Manners in the Sengoku Period KOJIMA Michihiro and Markus RUTTERMANN
Basic Research : General Study of Materials and Advanced Historical Information of Artifacts
Research on Cadastral Maps of the Meiji Era AOYAMA Hiro'o, MIKAWA Masahiro, KAWANA Tadashi, TAKAHASHI Kazuki, TANAKA Satoshi, HORI Takehiro, KAWASAKI Koichi, NUKATA Masahiro, KINOSHITA Seiichi, SAKURAI Nariaki, and OKAMURA Kazuyuki
Farewell to Director General SUGIYAMA Shinsaku UENO Yoshifumi
Chronology and Bibliography of SUGIYAMA Shinsaku  
Farewell to Director General YASUDA Tsuneo HIGUCHI Takehiro
Chronology and Bibliography of YASUDA Tsuneo  

Collaborative Research :
Miyaza and Society : History and Structure

Title Author
Overview of Collaborative Research "Miyaza and Society : History and Structure" UENO Kazuo
To-ya Saishi and Miya-za PDF YAGI Toru
Miya-za Studies : Past and Present : Concept, To-ya System, and Change PDF UENO Kazuo
Reexamination of Miya-Za Theory of Kazuo Higo PDF ICHIKAWA Hideyuki
One Case Example in Tohoku Area with less Miya-Za :
The Tonin Festival of Tokoyasaka Shrine PDF
INE Yuji
The History and Tradition of Miyaza in Mikami in Shiga Prefecture :
Through the Existence of Kumon and tye Origin of Groups PDF
Position of Omi in Miya-za Studies:
Meaning of the Case Example in Shiga Prefecture in the Formation and Development of Miya-za Theory PDF
Present Situation of the Go Festival PDF KOZAWA Kimiko
Openness and Closed Character of Zako : Case Example in Hashimoto City, Wakayama Prefecture PDF MORIMOTO Kazuhiko
Rural Community and Rural Play : Focusing on the Northarn Area of Fukuchiyama City in Kyoto PDF SAITO Toshihiko
Kabu-za Being Maintained : Over the Position of Miyashu in Takei,Sonobe-cho, Nantan City PDF OONO Hajime
Transformation and Development of Miya-za in Okayama Prefecture :
Focusing on the Case Example in Takase, Niimi City PDF
CHOI Samchang
The Myoshu-Za in KUINO-SHO of BINGO Country PDF SONOBE Toshiki
To-ya System in the Area of Hofu City, Yamaguchi Prefecture PDF ICHIKAWA Hideyuki
Miya-za in Northern Kyushu : Focusing on Jigan and Jinga PDF DANJO Tatsuo
Research Notes
Nonodaka Za-events Memorandum SEKIGUCHI Takeshi

Miyaza Procedures : The Selection and /or Transfer of Tounin



Title Author
Yamato Imperial Authority and the Chinkonsai: Theories on Imperial Authority in Folklore Studies; Searching for Common Ground for Origuchi's Theory on Chinkon and Documented History PDF SHINTANI Takanori
A Study of "Joso" Ancestry in Sword Inscriptions: One Perspective on the Formation of the Imperial Line Based on Clan Genealogy PDF YOSHIE Akiko
Imperial Authority in the Ancient Period and Miyake at the End of the Ancient Period PDF NITO Atsushi
The Izumo Religious Ceremonies and Izumo Mythology in Ancient Imperial System PDF MIZUBAYASHI Takeshi
A Study of Policies on National Borders of the Government of Emperors Konin and Kammu PDF YAMANAKA Akira
Financial Distribution and Structure of the Empire Under the Early Tang Code PDF WATANABE Shin'ichiro
Production, Power and Ideology in the Yayoi Period PDF ANDO Hiromichi
The Concept of the Other World in Kofun PDF WADA Seigo
Changes and the Significance of Decorated Kofun: The Formation of the Concept of Spirits PDF HIROSE Kazuo
Japanese Envoys to Sui China and the Li System and Buddhism: The Ideology of the Government of the Suiko Court PDF SUZUKI Yasutami
Conversion of the Characters for Mizuho-no-kuni and the Principle of Governance PDF NISHIYACHI Seibi
Thinking of Popular Movements in Medieval Japan: The Process of the Formation of the Kishu-Sokoku PDF KAIZU Ichiro
Interaction between the Jomon Farmer and the Yayoi Farmer in the Beginning of the Yayoi Period along the Old Kawachi Lake PDF FUJIO Shin'ichiro
Structures of Transferring Material Cultural Attributes on Intercultural Contacts in Epi-Jomon Culture PDF SUZUKI Makoto
Graves in Northern Honshu and Hokkaido in the Ancient Period PDF FUJISAWA Atsushi