Title Author
Shinto and Buddhism in Ancient Japan PDF HOJO Katsutaka
The Establishment and the Role of Hirose-Ooimi Festival and Tatsuta-Fuujin Festival PDF YAMAGUCHI Eri
The Establishment of Shaden and the Ritsuryo State PDF ARITOMI Junya
The Manazuru Myth and the Structure of Ise Shrine Festivals PDF FUJIMORI Kaoru
Types of Shrine Honden and their Origin PDF MIURA Masayuki
A Reconstructive Study of the Ninji Era Passageways of Itsukushima Shrine PDF YAMAGUCHI Yoshimi
The Historical Structure and Characteristics of the Ichinomiya System in Provinces during the Medieval Period Focusing on Nagato Province in the Late Medieval Period PDF INOUE Hiroshi
Usa Shrine, the Ichinomiya of Buzen Province, in the Late Medieval Period and its Relationship with the Ouchi Clan PDF NAGATA Tadayasu
Problems with Historical Shrine Documents Focusing on Suwa Shrine PDF IHARA Kesao
A Tentative of the History of Shrines in the Early Modern Period PDF INOUE Tomokatsu
The Campaign by the Yoshida Family for Shisso for Hereditary Shrine Families Centering on the Dispute of 1669 PDF HASHIMOTO Masanobu
The Activities of the Yoshida Family in the Middle of the 17th Century: The Kanbun Era as a Period of Consolidation PDF HATAKAMA Kazuhiro
Shinto Priest Organizations in the Early Modern Period with Furegashira PDF INOUE Tomokatsu
The History of Shrine Groves Viewed from Old Photographs and Pictures PDF OGURA Jun'ichi
The Power of Tradition of Shrine Rituals: Rituals at Miho and Sad Shrines PDF SEKIZAWA Mayumi
The Origin of Ise Shrine: Japanese Folklore Theories on the Ancient Imperial Throne PDF SHINTANI Takanori
Works on Shinto Shrines in German Japanese Studies PDF FLACHE Ursula
The Separation of Shinto and Buddhism (Shinbutsu Bunri) Seen from the Perspective of Japanese Studies in Germany PDF FLACHE Ursula


Title Author
Shugen Practitioners and the Gongen-mai in the Tohoku Region PDF KANDA Yoriko
Azusa Miko and Sacred Dance Masters (Shinjimai-dayu) PDF HAYASHI Makoto
The Shinto Rites and Performing Arts of Mt. Fuji PDF HORIUCHI Makoto
The History of the Kanoe-saru Year as a Propitious Year as Part of Beliefs and Practices Associated with Mt. Fuji PDF KIKUCHI Kunihiko
Shashi and Prayers of Kasuga Shrine in the Middle Ages PDF MATSUMURA Wakako
The Origin and Composition of the"Nakatomi no Harae"in the Shuni-e Ceremony Held in Nigatsu-do, Todaiji: An Example of the"Nakatomi no Harae"at a Nara Temple PDF DAITO Takaaki
Persons Who Come and Go between Festivals and Funerals: Yakkofuri Performers and the Funeral Business PDF FUKUMOCHI Masayuki
The Transformation of Iyo Kagura into a Shinto Performance PDF OCHI Miwa
Rituals for the Spirits of the Dead in San-shin-en: A Comparative Study of the Shimotsuki-matsuri and Nembutsu-Odori in Misakubo-cho, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture PDF INOUE Takahiro
Tenchuhimemiya and a Tale of Rice: Izanagi-ryu and Miko Beliefs and Practices PDF UMENO Mitsuoki
Various Aspects of Izanagi-ryu Oracles and Prayers: Language and the Physical Body When Communing with Divine Spirits PDF MATSUO Koichi
Incantations in Hongawa Kagura and its History PDF KOIKE Jun'ichi
An Act the Hands Behind the Back in"Midoshi Shogatsu"and"Otaue-sai"(Rice-planting Festival) PDF TSUNEMITSU Toru
Kasuga Miko as Religious Worshippers in the Middle Ages PDF MATSUMURA Wakako
Okinawan Rituals and Shamanism: Examples from Miyako PDF AKAMINE Masanobu
Present-day Neeshi: In an Island and city Interval PDF KAWASAKI Fumito
A Study of Chants and the Inauguration of Priestesses: The Example of Kabira, Ishigaki Island PDF SAWAI Mayo


Title Author
The Role of Physicians and Medical Documents in Childbirth Rites of the Ancient Period and Early Middle Ages PDF KATSUURA Noriko
Officials Who Took Part in Funeral Rites in the Ancient Period PDF SAKAI Keiko
The Life of an Emperor Viewed from His Dress PDF KONDO Yoshikazu
Rites and the Literature of Buddhist Memorial Services in the Life and Death of Emperors: Death at the Horikawa Palace and the Birth of Emperor Antoku PDF KOMINE Kazuaki
The Deathbed Ritual and the Concept of the World After Death PDF CHO Eun Ae
Is the Saying"Until the Age of Seven a Child belongs to the Gods"True?: Notes on the History of Japanese Children PDF SHIBATA Jun
Funeral Rites in Court Society during the Early Modern Period PDF SATAKE Tomoko
Life Ceremonies and Naming of the Children of The Satake Family in Akita Han: A Comparison to The Tokugawa Family PDF OTOU Osamu
Birthdays in the Edo Period PDF UZAWA Yumi
The Manners and Customs that are Made Visible: The Emergence of"National Rites"in 1920's PDF IWAMOTO Michiya
Social Systems Affecting Sex and Childbirth in Modern Japan: Content Analysis of Journals from the Viewpoint of Channels of Formation and Development of Health, Family, and Nation-State Awareness PDF OHDE Harue
Changes in Folk Customes in"Fuzokushi": Recorded Life Rituals in the Meiji and Taisho Periods PDF SAKIZAWA Mayumi
Stone Monuments and Grave Registers: The Actual Dead and Registered Dead; Transcending the Concepts of the Dual and Single Grave Systems PDF SHINTANI Takanori
Wholesalers of Funeral Accessories and the Industrialization of Funerals: As Seen through the Life Story of a Wholesaler PDF YAMADA Shinya
A Study of Changes in Couple Childbirth Customs in the Mountainous Village of Kamisugai, Ehime Prefecture PDF YOSHIMURA Noriko
Korean Funeral Rites Composed of their"Lingering Atmosphere" PDF KIM Shidug


Title Author
Dendrochronology and Historical Research PDF MITSUTANI Takumi
Red Thermoluminescence (RTL)-Dating Using Quartz Grains Extracted from Archaeologically Burnt Pottery: Thermoluminescence-Dating Using Burnt Stones Excavated from Kiln Sites PDF HASHIMOTO Tetsuo, IBA Tsuyoshi
Investigations on Problems for High-Accuracy and High-Precision 14C Measurements with AMS PDF NAKAMURA Toshio
An Attempt to Construct a Local Radiocarbon Calibration Curve Based on 14C Concentrations in Japanese Tree-ring Samples PDF OZAKI Hiromasa, IMAMURA Mineo
Dates for the First Half of the Jomon Period PDF KOBAYASHI Ken'ichi
Date of the Formation of the Yayoi Bronze Implements PDF HARUNARI Hideji
The Trial of the Wiggle Matching Based on the Type of Yayoi Pottery PDF FUJIO Shin'ichiro
Radiocarbon Dating and Research on Private Residences: Part 1 Significance and Outline of Research PDF NAKAO Nanae
Radiocarbon Dating and Research on Private Residences: Part 2 The Cases of the Seki Family Residence, Hakogi Family Residence and Yoshiwara Family Residence PDF IMAMURA Mineo, NAKAO Nanae
AMS Radiocarbon Dating on Ancient Japanese Paper PDF ODA Hirotaka
Date of the Kinojo Castle―Evidences from Carbon―14 Measurements PDF IMAMURA Mineo, KOBAYASHI Ken'ichi, SHINMEN Toshiyasu, SAKAMOTO Minoru, TANIYAMA Masahiko
Oldest Common Millet from Western Japan: Carbonized Material Adhering to Pottery from the Ryugasaki A Site, Shiga Prefecture PDF MIYATA Yoshiki, KOJIMA Takanobu, MATSUTANI Akiko, ONBE Shin, NISHIMOTO Toyohiro
Indentifying Rice Cooking Pots and Vegetable/meat Cooking Pots Based on Soot and Carbon Deposits in Ethnographic Kalinga Pottery PDF KOBAYASHI Masashi
Characterization of Charred Materials on Potsherds by Means of Stable Isotope Analysis PDF SAKAMOTO Minoru
14C Dating Research Related to the Miwanoyama Shell Midden in Nagareyama City PDF KOBAYASHI Ken'ichi, SAKAMOTO Minoru, SHINMEN Toshiyasu, OZAKI Hiromasa, MURAMOTO Shuzou, OGURI Shin'ichiro, OGAWA Katsuyoshi
Practice and Problems in Sampling for 14C Dating: The 14C Dating of Carbonized Material Excavated from the Hikosaki Shell Midden in Okayama Prefecture PDF ONBE Shin, MIYATA Yoshiki, KOBAYASHI Ken'ichi, MATSUZAKI Hiroyuki, TAJIMA Masanori
Study of Archaeological Site Formation Process Using AMS Radiocarbon Dating PDF MURAMOTO Shuzou, KOBAYASHI Ken'ichi, SAKAMOTO Minoru, MATSUZAKI Hiroyuki
Radiocarbon Dating of Wooden Artifacts Excavated from the Choshizuka Burial Mound in Yamanashi Prefecture PDF IMAMURA Mineo, KOBAYASHI Ken'ichi, HIROSE Kazuo, MORIHARA Akihiro