Title Author
Traditional Activities and the "Commons" in an Ecotone Lagoon: The Ecosystem and Use of Fauna in and Around the Hachiro Lagoon from the Early Modern Period through to the Modern Period PDF SANO Shizuyo
River Reflected in Everyday Life: Culture and it's Changing of Sentoji in the Reaches of Agano River PDF SEKI Reiko
Paddy Field Fishing Today: The Interplay between Environmental Thought and Folklorism PDF YASUMURO Satoru
How Are Pigs Exchanged for Cash?: Subsistence Ecology and Cash Economy in Highlands Fringe Region of Papua New Guinea PDF ODANI Shingo
The Experiences and Norm of a Village Concerning Water Resources PDF KASHIWAGI Kyousuke
The Relationship between the Occupation and Use of Early Modern Fishing Grounds and Ecology: From Early Modern Materials on Disputes and Drawings from Goto and Amakusa PDF HASHIMURA Osamu
Knowledge of Shellfish on the Coast of Kasari Bay, Northern Amami Island: A Description of Human-Nature Relationship through the Elicitation Method PDF IIDA Taku, NAWA Jun
Why Seasonal Workers Can Came Back to Their Hometown?: The Logic of Communal Works and Seasonal Works on Two Fishing Villages in Aomori Prefecture, Japan PDF HAYAMA Shigeru
An Analysis of Environmental Vocabulary in Place Names Recorded in the Middle Ages: Based on the "Sanyasakai Chumon" of Yunoura Village, Aso-gun, Higo Province PDF HARUTA Naoki
Comparative Study on Common Lands in Eight Countries and Regions in Japan, UK and Ireland from the Viewpoint of Changing Livelihood PDF MITSUMATA Gaku, MUROTA Takeshi
Wild Edible Plant Gathering Activities Practiced at Ecotones: Two Contrasting Case Studies of Villages in Japan PDF SAITO Haruo
The Relationship between the Utilization of Close Natural Environment and Appearance of Wild Animals: Comparison of Two Areas Near a Local City with Different Industrial Structure PDF OGASAWARA Akira, GOTO Takehiro, HONGO Tetsuro
The Use of "Territory" by Huckster-type Street Vendor Associations PDF ATSU Kanae
The World of Riverside Livelihood: Present of Masu Salmon (On-chorhynchus masou) Fishing Along the Arakawa River in Niigata, Japan PDF DEGUCHI Akiko
Use of the Environment and Villages in Mountainous Regions during the Early Modern Period: The World of Akiyama in Shinano Province PDF SHIROUZU Satoshi
Natural Disasers and Narratives: A Methodological Study of Representation of the Sanriku Tsunami in 1933 PDF TERADA Masahiro


Title Author
Holocene Geomorphic Development in Kamakura, Central Japan PDF UEMOTO Shinji
A Re-examination of the Course of the Namerigawa River in Kamakura PDF MINAMIDE Shinsuke
The Development of Kamakura as Seen through Excavated Remains: with a Focus on the First Half of the Kamakura Period PDF SAIKI Hideo
Changes in the Environment of the Hirasakugawa River Lowlands in Yokosuka City and Development in the Middle Ages PDF NAKAMIKAWA Noboru
Shifting of the Tone River in the Middle to Lower Reaches during Historical Times: Based on Micro-landforms around Satte City in Central Kanto Plain PDF KUBO Sumiko
The Geomorphological Environment and the Location of Archaeological Sites in the Vicinity of the Kenaga River in the Northern Tokyo Lowlands PDF MURAISHI Masumi
A Model of Edo and Urban Development: the Changing Water Environment PDF GOTO Hiroki
Landscape of the Eastern Part of the Tokyo Lowlands: Features of the Landscape in Kansai and Their Transformation PDF TANIGUCHI Sakae
Tephrostratigraphy and Chronology of Asama Volcano at Minami-Karuizawa as a Basis of Studies on Environmental and Disaster History PDF TSUJI Sei-ichiro, MIYAJI Naomichi, ARAI Fusao
Lagoons before Land Reclamation and their Functions: Water Transportation in Tsubaki-no-umi and Shimousa PDF AOYAMA Hiroo
Vicissitudes of the Yanagino-gosho Archaeological Site PDF HASHIBA Naoto
The Time before the Establishment of the Medieval City of Kamakura: the Real State of the Eastern Sea Route PDF HIRAKAWA Minami
The Medieval Town of Kamakura Viewed from the Perspective of Disasters PDF FUKUSHIMA Kaneharu
A Re-examination of Garbage Disposal in Edo: Beyond the Image of a "Recycling City" and "Clean City" PDF IWABUCHI Reiji
History of Tax Systems Applied to Disasters and Redevelopment: a Study of Systems for the Reuse of Land in Medieval Japan PDF IHARA Kesao


Title Author
Vaccination in Asia PDF TASAKI Tetsuro
Some Issues through the Research of Regional Rangaku PDF TSUKAMOTO Manabu
The Spread of Vaccination and Folk Customs in the Aizu Feudal Domain PDF SAKAI Kozo
The Acceptance of Vaccination and the Establishment of a Medical School in the Hirosaki Feudal Domain at the End of the Edo Period PDF FUKUI Toshitaka
Rangaku Scholars in the City Edo: Study of the "Ika Jinmeiroku" of the Early 18th Century PDF UMIHARA Ryo
The Network of Acquaintances and Intellectual Information of Kimura Kenkado PDF ARISAKA Michiko
The Medicine and Social Activities of Village Physicians of the Western School at the End of the Edo Era: the Legacy of Seike Kataniwa PDF INOUE Jun
The Introduction and Dissemination of the Vaccination Methods in the Choshu Feudal Domain PDF OGAWA Ayako
Technical Culture in Kaga and Regional Rangaku PDF MOTOYASU Hiroshi
The Acceptance of Rangaku and Changes in the Satsuma Feudal Domain PDF TAMURA Shozo
Study in Nagasaki by Rangaku Scholar Aoki Okikatsu from the Fukuoka Feudal Domain and His Awareness of Things Foreign PDF MATSUMOTO Eiji
Students of the Sakura Juntendo and Their Spread: Students from Its Student Records and a Study of These Materials PDF TOSA Hirofumi
The Legacy of Sekijima Ryochi, a Village Physician of Western Medicine at the End of the Edo Era and the Beginning of the Meiji Period PDF AOKI Toshiyuki
The Character of Vaccination in Saitama Prefecture at the End of the Edo Era and the Beginning of the Meiji Period PDF HOSONO Kentaro
How Did Late Tokugawa Villagers Choose Doctors?: Cases Appearing in a Village Headman's Diaries PDF OSADA Naoko
Physicians in the Shonai Kawakita Region in the Last Days of the Tokugawa Regime and in the Early Years of the Meiji Era: Through the Activities of One Physician PDF IWABUCHI Reiji
Pupils of Shirando: The Subject of the Spread into the Area of Rangaku PDF SUZUKI Yukihiko
Research on the Physicians of the Western School in the Etchu Takaoka Region PDF MASAHASHI Koji
On the "Monjin-roku (Student Records)" of Shunrinken PDF TAKAHASHI Katsunobu
Database on Student Records of Regional Rangaku Scholars PDF AOKI Toshiyuki, OSADA Naoko, HOSONO Kentaro


Title Author
Research on OHARA Yugaku Viewed from the "Bugyosho-hon" : a Historical Study Based on"Yugaku Zensho"and"Yugaku Zenshu" PDF SUZUKI Eriko
OHARA Yugaku and Groups of Sei-gaku Disciples: the Formation and Development of the Zen'ya Organization PDF MATSUMARU Akihiro
OHARA Yugaku and the Construction of Kaishinro PDF TAKAHASHI Satoshi
Report on a Survey of Sei-gaku Graves Situated in Yamada-machi, Katori-gun PDF KURITA Norihisa
The Graves of OHARA Yugaku Disciples PDF KOMETANI Hiroshi
The Change in the Status of Eimei-ji Temple in Shotokuji Village PDF HOUZAWA Naohide
The Kamasu Bag and the Word "Kamasu" : Customs in the Toso Region and OHARA Yugaku PDF KAWAKAMI Junko
Fishing Operations and Villages in the Middle Reaches of the Lower Tone River during the Shotoku and Kyoho Periods (1711-1736) PDF GOTO Masatomo
A Study of the Process of Settlement of Itinerant Fishermen and Itinerant Merchants in Choshi PDF ABE Ayako
The Transfer of Land along the Kujukuri Coast Tow Net Fishing Zone: a Study of the Land Documents of the Iitaka Family PDF IWATA Miyuki
Taxation Surveys Carried out in Tsuchiura-machi, Hitachi Province at the End of the Edo Period: Their History and Significance PDF KIZUKA Kuniko
Drinking in the Educational Environment in the Toso Region: a Study Based on the Fudekozuka PDF KAWASAKI Fumihiko
Education and Youth in Modern Japan: INOUE Yujiro from the Hikata Region PDF SUZUKI Hideyuki
The Sagami Oyama Faith in Toso during the Early Modern Period: Various Issues Surrounding the Re-organization of Parishioner Association PDF SUGANE Yukihiro


Title Author
Changes in the Appearance of Graveyards in Yamato in the Medieval and Early Modern Periods PDF SHIRAISHI Taichiro
The Diversification and Decline of Gravestones: Studies from the Haiko-gorinto Gravestones in the Nakayama Nembutsuji Temple Graveyard in Tenri City PDF MURAKI Jiro
Temples and Graves during the Transitional Period between the Medieval and Early Modern Periods PDF HATAKAMA Kazuhiro
Preconditions for the Formation of Graveyard Villages: around the Yuzaki Graveyard in Yamato PDF IMAO Fumiaki
The Transformation and Reorganization of Miyaza in the Villages of Medieval and Early Modern Japan PDF SONOBE Toshiki
The Development of the Yuzu Nembutsu Sect in Yamato: with Specific Reference to the Uda District PDF INAGI Nobuko
Village Society, Shrine and Temple Graveyards PDF SHINTANI Takanori
A Study of Graveyard Villages, Water Villages and Shrine Villages from the Perspective of Folk Customs: the Case of Handa-mura in the Southwestern Part of the Nara Basin PDF SEKIZAWA Mayumi
The Miyaza System and Rites in Northeastern Nara Prefecture PDF UENO Kazuo
Aspects of Religious Services as Seen through the Section for Shrine Parishioners in the Tatsuta-jinja Shrine of Ikaruga-cho PDF OMIYA Morihito
A Backgournd to Reburial: Correspondence to Environmental Changes in the Jomon and Yayoi Periods PDF SHITARA Hiromi
Izumo Kokuzo and Ochi-mizu PDF WADA Atsumu
Medieval Manors and Their Relation to Graveyards and Funerals PDF TAKAHASHI Kazuki
The Structure of Castle Towns and Religion in the Sengoku Period: the Case of the Miyazaki Castle Town of Uwai Kakuken PDF SENDA Yoshihiro
Temple Graveyards of the Early Modern Period Viewed from the Perspective of Grave Markers PDF KUTSUKI Ryou
Ie and Graves in Early Modern Tohoku PDF SEKIGUCHI Norihisa
The Custom of Teramoto PDF HOUZAWA Naohide
Bon Lantern Dance in Northern Kyoto PDF FUKUHARA Toshio


Title Author
The Iron Materials in the Yayoi Period PDF FUJIO Shin'ichiro
The Iron Materials in Pyonjin and Kaya PDF AZUMA Ushio
Forging in Ancient Korea and Groups of Foreign Craftsmen PDF HANADA Katsuhiro
Ancient History of Iron Smelting Furnaces in Japan PDF ANZAWA Yoshinori
Irons in Japan and the Korean Peninsula Based on Metallurgy PDF OSAWA Masami
The Iron and Rice Trade between Kaya and the Japanese Archipelago PDF SEON Seok-Yeol
The Iron Materials between Gaya and Wa Viewed from the Documents PDF SUZUKI Yasutami
The Archaeological Analysis of Military Organization in the Kofun Period PDF TANAKA Shinsaku
Changes in Armor from Gaya Tombs and Korean-Japanese Relations PDF SONG Kye-Hyeon
The Changes and Historical Background of the Metal Weapon in East Asia PDF WANG Wei
The Iron Helmet and Body Armor in Eastern Asia before 6th Cent.: the Relationship between Ancient China and Ancient Chosen and Ancient Japan PDF YANG Hong
Horse Trappings of Gaya and Wa PDF KIM Doo-Chul
A History of "Non-Silla-type" Horse Trappings Excavated in Japan: a Comparison with Horse Trappings of the Dae-Gaya Federation PDF CHIGA Hisashi
The Interaction between Gaya and Wa: the Pottery and Settlements in the Early and Middle Kofun Period PDF TAKESUE Jun'ichi
The Beginning of the Sue Ware Production PDF SAKAI Kiyoji
Wa-style Relics in Korea: Wa-style Relics Excavated in the Gaya Region PDF TAKAKU Kenji
The Mirrors Excavated in the Southern Area of Korean Peninsula PDF UENO Yoshifumi
Keum-Guan Gaya and Wa PDF HONG Bo-Sik
Dae-Gaya and Wa PDF PARK Cheun-Soo
Another Route of Trading Activities and Interaction between Wa and Han PDF SHIRAISHI Taichiro
The Interaction between the Ancient States in Korea and Wa Viewed from the Archaeological Materials PDF YOSHII Hideo
The Relationship between the Ancient Japan and Chosen from the Viewpoint of the Literately Analysis PDF NITOH Atsushi
The Viewpoint of History of Foreign Relations of the Gaya Nations PDF LEE Young-Sik
The View of Making Light of the Gaya History Revisited PDF KIM Tae-Sik
The Relationship between Gaya and Wa Viewed from the Sentence Carved on the Gwanggaeto-wang Stele PDF BEAK Seung-Chung


Title Author
Domestication of Pigs in the Jomon Period PDF NISHIMOTO Toyohiro
Mutual Interchange Between Epi-Jomon Culture and Yayoi Culture PDF SHITARA Hiromi
The Formation Process of Onga River-type Jars in Kinki—Yayoi jars from Settsu, Kawachi and Yamato— PDF FUJIO Shin'ichiro
The New Horizon of Research Using Materials on Han Tombs: Using Early Han Society of the Changsha Region as a Model PDF UENO Yoshifumi
An Archaeological View of the Dual System of Religious and Secular Chieftainship PDF SHIRAISHI Taichiro
Gourd Remains from Ancient Sites at Koshoku, Central Japan PDF TSUJI Sei-ichiro
Castles and Cities of the Japanese Archipelago in Ancient Times PDF ABE Gihei
The Regional Characteristics of the Sutra Mounds of Eastern Japan PDF MURAKI Jiro
Composition of Space in Castles in the Sengoku Period PDF SENDA Yoshihiro
Fakes and Misjudgments in Japanese Archaeology PDF HARUNARI Hideji
High-Precision Radiocarbon Dating and Its Role in Researches of Historical and Archaeological Sciences—Status and Prospects— PDF IMAMURA Mineo
The lead isotopic method for provenancing and the interpretation of data PDF SAITO Tsutomu
An analysis of mother-of-pearl inlay techniques used in lacquerware exported in the 19th century PDF HIDAKA Kaori, KOSETO-HORYU Emi
A study of methods for providing information related to historical research PDF ADACHI Fumio, SUZUKI Takuji, MIYATA Kimiyoshi
Audience Research for Continuing Improvement: behavioral analysis of museum visitors PDF MIYATA Kimiyoshi, TAKEUCHI Yuri, ADACHI Fumio
Worksheet-based Educational Programs for Families: Results from the"Rekihaku Parent and Child Quiz"Program PDF KOJIMA Michihiro
Fish Traps and Rice Paddy Fishing PDF YASUMURO Satoru
Pigs and Boars—A Study on the Use of Domesticated and Wild Animals From the Standpoint of the Li Tribe of Hainan Island— PDF NISHITANI Masaru
A Re-examination of Theories on Fuzoku in the Modern Era—a Theoretical and Historical Study— PDF AOKI Takahiro
The Tromenie of Brittany: Tradition and the Present-day PDF SHINTANI Takanori
The Pardon Festivals of Brittany—Fires of the Pardon and Fires of the Summer Solstice— PDF SEKIZAWA Mayumi
Etonologic de Museu Barcelona and Sella Collection PDF ASAOKA Kouji
Current Practices and Issues in"Audio-Visual Materials for Folklore Studies" PDF UCHIDA Junko
The Emergence of Women Monarchs in Ancient Japan: Okisaki and Sumemioya PDF NITO Atsushi
New Materials: The Sanjonishi Edition of Engishiki, Volume Fifty,"Assorted Procedures" PDF YOSHIOKA Masayuki
Materials for the Study of Mura and Sato in Ancient Japan PDF HIRAKAWA Minami
The Formation and Development of Royal Goganji Lands: The Saishokoin Temple Lands in Early Medieval Japan PDF TAKAHASHI Kazuki
The State-level System to Assure Annual Tax Deliveries to Kyo from Shoen in the Eastern Provinces PDF IHARA Kesao
Local Ties Between Small and Middling Temples in Edo: The Ichigaya Minami-teramachi Association PDF IWABUCHI Reiji
Fear and Delusion in Bakumatsu Japan: The Cholera Disturbance in Omiyacho, Suruga Province PDF TAKAHASHI Satoshi
Travel by Women in Early Modern and Modern Japan PDF YAMAMOTO Mitsumasa
One approach to the production of ukiyo-e paintings—from the painting scroll"Genre Scenes of Asakusa"in the National Museum of Japanese History— PDF OHKUBO Jun'ichi
Tea Cultivation by Former Bakufu Intellectuals of Western Learning PDF HIGUCHI Takehiko
Post-WWI Military Education During a Year of Active Duty PDF ICHINOSE Toshiya
Rituals and Beliefs Surrounding Tree Spirits—the Case of Monobe Village, Kochi Prefecture— PDF MATSUO Koichi
The Practice of Exhaling and Inhaling Air—the Magic of Usobuki and Nezunaki— PDF TSUNEMITSU Toru