Title Author
Rice Paddy Development on the Zenkoji Plain in the Yayoi and Kofun Periods PDF USUI Naoyuki
Disaster and Development as Seen in the Koshoku Jori and Yashiro Sites PDF TERAUCHI Takao
Jori Sites in the Southern Zenkoji Plain PDF ICHIKAWA Takayuki
Ancient Development in the Zenkoji Plain: Focussing on the Jori System Sites in Old Nagano City PDF FUKUSHIMA Masaki
A Review on the Ruins of Jori Grid Pattern in Koshoku City, Nagano Prefecture: Issues and Results from the Comprehensive Study of the Koshoku Jori and Yashiro Ruins PDF KINDA Akihiro
Development, Environmental Management and Regional Control in Ancient Shinano PDF YOSHIE Akio
Natural Disaster and Development in the Zenkoji Plain in Medieval Times: The Ise and Echigo Taira Clans as Development Authorities PDF IHARA Kesao
Kanpo 2 (1742) "Inu no Mansui" Flood as Depicted in an Illustrated Map PDF HARADA Kazuhiko
An Analysis of the Circulation of the Disaster Information of Zenkoji Earthquake (1847) PDF KITAHARA Itoko
Alluvial Fans and Natural Disaster in the Zenkoji Plain PDF SAITO Kyoji
Nature and Land Use in the Nagano Basin: Historical Geography of Climate (Klima) PDF ICHIKAWA Takeo
Agricultural Development and Natural Disaster in Basin Areas: A Case Study of the Western Kofu Basin, Yamanashi Prefecture PDF TAKAGI Isao
History and Natural Disaster in the Eastern Foothills of Mt. Haruna: Natural Disaster and Changes in Land Use as Seen from Sites PDF OTSUKA Masahiko
Regional Control and Rivers in Ancient Times PDF HIRAKAWA Minami
Development and Disaster in Villages in the Eastern Provinces in the Medieval Period PDF HARADA Nobuo


Title Author
Status Symbols Reproduced: Ritual Ware and Its Reproduction in Early Choson Dynasty PDF KATAYAMA Mabi
Early-modern Ceramics as the Prestige Goods PDF MORIMOTO Ichiro
The Culture of the Mortar in the East and the West PDF OGINO Shigeharu
Eating Customs in the Middle East and the Demand for Islamic Ceramics PDF OKANO Tomohiko
A Study of "Tea Bowls" : Some Consideration about the Transition of Mass-produced Porcelain Bowls Excavated from the Sites of the Edo Period PDF NAGASAKO Shinya
Trade and Islamic Ceramics in Japan and Southeast Asia in the Ninth and the Tenth Centuries PDF YAMAMOTO Nobuo
Vietnamese Ceramics Found in Iki and Tsushima PDF MORIMOTO Asako
The Ceramic Consumers in the Southeast Asian Archipelagoes PDF SAKAI Takashi
The History of Ceramics in Japanese Culture from the Standpoint of Southeast Asian Ceramics from the Fifteenth Century to the Seventeenth Century: Centering on Artifacts from Sakai Kango-toshi Relics PDF MORIMURA Ken-ichi
Southeast Asian Ceramics: The Current Situation and Perspective of the Study PDF YAJIMA Ritsuko
Koseto Ware and Imported Ceramics in the Medieval City of Kamakura: Complementary Relations in the First Half of the Medieval Period PDF FUJISAWA Ryohsuke
Hizen Porcelain that Traveled Abroad PDF OHASHI Koji
The Significance and Evaluation of East Asian Lead-glazed Pottery in the History of Chinese Ceramics: in Comparison with West Asia PDF YUBA Tadanori
Historical Characteristics of Three-Colored and Green-Glazed Ceramics in Ancient Japan PDF TAKAHASHI Teruhiko
The Medieval Sue Ware from the Southern Islands: Exchanges of Ceramics in the Pacific-Rim East Asian Seas in Early Medieval Period PDF YOSHIOKA Yasunobu
The Origin of Hizen Ware: to What Extent We Can Trance It Back from the Standpoint of Production Technology PDF MURAKAMI Nobuyuki


Title Author
Facing up to Death: Euthanasia and Medical History PDF SHINMURA Taku
Mythologie de la mort au Japon PDF ROCHER Alan
Ou vont les morts, ou les esprits? Analyse de quelques oraisons funebres (choji) de l'epoque contemporaine PDF ROTERMUND Hartmunt O.
Soldiers' Death and Their "Hometown" PDF ICHINOSE Toshiya
How to Value Death: Consideration on Changes of the Funeral Altar PDF YAMADA Shinya
Establishment of Modern Funeral Business and the Changes of the Customs on Funeral Rituals PDF MURAKAMI Kokyo
Ancestor's Souls Gather Around at Waterside: A Case of Bon Festival in Kochi Prefecture PDF UMENO Mitsuoki
How Has Folklore Dealt with Death as the Research Subject? Historical Development of Grave Distribution Map PDF IWANO Kuniyasu
Adaptation of Japanese Christian Churches to Japanese Society: Focusing on Church Graveyards in Kanto and Tohoku Area PDF KAWAMATA Toshinori
Festival of"Chochin-Yamagasa"in Tobata, Kitakyushu City and Factors of Mortuary Ritual PDF KANEKO Takeshi
Historical Change of the View on the Dead Spirits in Okinawa: A Criticism of Static Social Anthropology PDF SHIOTSUKI Ryoko
The Matter of Death in Yoron Island as Viewed from the Standpoint of Anthropology: Proposition of the Term"Appropriate Age"in Studies of Longevity Advances in Aging PDF KONDO Noriyuki
Reconstruction and Experience of History: Rethinking of Anthropological History PDF MIYASHITA Katsuya
Comparative Study of Re-burial Rituals in China and Japan: Western Fujian Province of China and Okinawa of Japan PDF CAI Wengao
Cultural Hybridity of Japanese Immigrants' Gravestones in New Caledonia PDF KUTSUKI Ryo
Pilgrimage, Sunrae and a Nationalism in Contemporary South Korea: Since Kwangju Minjung Uprising in 1980 PDF MANABE Yuko
Ancestors Invoked by Rituals: The Case of the Si-kawas-ay Rituals of the Amis Tribe in Taiwan PDF HARA Eiko
L'Eveil de l'inanime dans les poemes Japonais de Jien (1155-1225) PDF ROBERT Jean-Noel
An Essay on Typology of Miyaza: A Ritual Organization Generally Focused upon the Shrine of the Local Tutelary Deity, Ujigami PDF SEKIZAWA Mayumi
Fishermen's Spirit and Nagusami: Aging and Its Acceptance of Small Boat Fishermen PDF NAKANO Yasushi
Human Relations in Neyado and Old Age: On Case in Toshi, Toshicho (Mie Prefecture) PDF MIYAMAE Yasufumi
A Reconsideration of Chyourou System (Gerontocracy): On the Case of Shimogasa, Ohmi PDF HASHIMOTO Akira
The People who Need Care: The Folklore in Old-age Attendance PDF SHIBUYA Ken
Aging of People Concerned with a Festival: Changes and Adaptation PDF ISHIKAWA Hiroyuki
Return Home According with Retirement: To Construct Family History on Modern Rural Societies PDF TANAKA Toji
Folklore of the Aged [Rojin] Re-examined PDF OKADA Hiroki
Japanese Religious Beliefs and Lifetime Objectives: Concept, Context, and Comprehension PDF EARHART H. Byron
That is Religion, This is Faith: Practical Benefits and the Structure of Japanese Religion PDF READER Ian
The 'Control Society' Revisited PDF GILL Tom
De la naissance a la vieillesse et jusqu'a la mort―la vie humaine dans une perspective comparative PDF KYBURZ Josef A.
A Reconsideration of The Chrysanthemum and the Sword; Part Two PDF LUMMIS C. Douglas
Understanding and Misunderstanding on the Term of "Junrei (Pilgrimage)" PDF NAKAYAMA Kazuhisa
The Future Searched by the Fortune-telling PDF SUZUKI Ikkei
A View of Destiny in Heian Literature PDF ARIMATSU Yoko
Narratives and Interpretations on the Religious Initiation in Amami Islands PDF MORI Masafumi
Standardization and Specialization on Culinary Culture of Banquets PDF TAKEUCHI Yukiko
Japan's National Mobilization during WWII and Narrative Performances: SUZUKI Yonewaka's Choices of Rokyoku PDF MANABE Masayoshi
Conflicts between Continuity and Displacement in Japanese Kamishibai PDF KANG Jun
Within Entangled Narratives: Nenbutsu-odori (Omonde) as Folk Performing Art, Cultural Property and Tourist Attraction PDF SAITSU Yumiko
Representation of "Folkway" on Television and Reception by Represented People PDF KAWAMURA Kiyoshi
Possibility of a View of Represented Folk Culture on the Publication of"Legend of Abeno Seimei in Pictures"(1995) PDF TAKAHARA Toyoaki
The Connection between Festival and Everyday: Rethinking of NAKAMURA Fumi's Studies though Mori Festival PDF YABE Shingo
Implication of Narration: Dynamism on Creative Process of Urban Folklore as Seen in Life Histories PDF NAKANO Kiwa
The Personal Histories of Moai: An Attempt to Understand Functions of Moai through Personal Histories of Contemporary Okinawans PDF OIJI Akira
Ethnography of "Koreans in Japan" PDF SHIMAMURA Takanori
The Folkways in Buraku Communities and Issues in Japanese Folklore Research PDF MASAOKA Nobuhiro
Fieldwork from Now on: Through a Reflection on Japanese Folklore Fieldwork until Now PDF MURAKAMI Tadayoshi


Title Author
An Essay on the Disaster-Pictures from the Late 18th Century to the 19th in Japan PDF KITAHARA Itoko
Changes of Coast and Lagoon in Kamakura, 13th-19th Century PDF SAITO Naoko
Destruction of Forest in the Kamakura Period at the Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture PDF SUZUKI Shigeru
Geomorphic Evolution and Climatic Changes in Taklimakan Desert PDF KANEMAKI Motoko
Uzun Tati Ruins in Relation to "●●" Country on the Paleo Silk Road in the Southern Margin of the Tarim Basin, Based on Observation from CORONA Satellite Photos PDF SOHMA Hidehiro
Environmental Changes during the Last 12,000 Years in the Kanto Plain PDF YOSHIKAWA Masanobu
Relationship between Marine Environment in the Holocene and Jomon Shell Middens in the Tokyo Bay Area, Central Japan PDF TOIZUMI Takeji
Paleoenvironmental Changes during the Pre-historical and Historical Ages Based on Insect Fossils PDF MORI Yuichi
Subsistence and Environment of the Awazu Shell Midden in the Jomon Period PDF IBA Isao
Environmental Changes in the Shiribeshi-Toshibetsugawa Lowland Hokkaido, Japan since the Latest Pleistocene PDF SUZUKI Masaaki, YOSHIKAWA Masanobu, MURATA Taisuke
Holocene Fossil Wood Assemblages and Wooden Artifacts in the Lowland along the Wakasa Bay PDF UEDA Yayoi
Archeology of Landslide and Debris Avalanche (1): Cases of the Sankyo and Mizusawa Sites in Nishikawa Town, Yamagata Prefecture, Northeast Japan PDF AKOJIMA Isao
Carbon 14 Ages and Chronology of Potteries in Japan PDF HARUNARI Hideji
High-Resolution Reconstruction of Paleoenvironmental Changes by Using Varved Lake Sediments and Loess-Paleosol Sequences in East Asia and Japan PDF FUKUSAWA Hitoshi, YAMADA Kazuyoshi, KATO Megumi
Dendrochronology in Japan PDF MITSUTANI Takumi
TL Dating of Loess Deposit Using Quartz Fine Grain Method PDF WATANUKI Takuya
Infrared Stimulated Luminescence Dating of Chinese Loess PDF TSUKAMOTO Sumiko, FUKUSAWA Hitoshi, ONO Yugo, OOI Keiichi, FANG Xia-Min
Reconstructing the Glacial Chronology Based on the 10Be Exposure Age: the Case Study of the Khumbu Glacier, Eastern Nepal Himalayas PDF AOKI Tatsuto, IMAMURA Mineo


Title Author
"Todaiji Seal" and "Zotoji Seal" Based on an Analysis of the Shoso-in Documents PDF TANAKA Fumio
The Restoration and Studies of"the Books of Trading Fuko-so in Sagami Province"for the 7th Year of Tempyo PDF ARAI Hideki
Sakai Country Seal Used in the Document of Sakai Country in Echizen Province Dated the 15th Year of Enryaku PDF MIKAMI Yoshitaka
Materials Bearing Circular Marks: Shoso-in Documents and Salt Making Pot PDF HOJO Tomohiko
Historical Material Called Inscription with Japanese Ink on Roughly Woven Silk Cloth and Linen as Cho-Yo and Tax Collection PDF KAMETANI Hiroaki
Possibility of Detection of Seal Marks on Urushigami-monjo―Paper Bearing Ink Characters Permeated with Lacquer PDF FURUOYA Tomohiro
Wares Bearing Old Seal Marks PDF EMURA Hiroyuki
Ancient Seals Found in Kashima Country PDF KAWARABUKI Ken
On Private Seals of Old Times PDF TAKASHIMA Hideyuki
A Study on Private Seals PDF DOBASHI Makoto
Bronze Seals of Old Times as Archaeological Materials PDF TOJI Masayuki
A Thesis on Country Seals of Old TimesPDF HIRAKAWA Minami
Ancient Seals in Japan and the Essential Points of Rituryo Government PDF KUME Masao
Change of Official Seal Casting Officials: Kanuchi-no-tsukasa, Imono-no-tsukasa, and Takumi-ryo PDF NITO Atsushi
On the Characters as Historical Materials of Seals in"Shuko Jisshu"PDF SATO Yoichi
A Study on Books of Old Seals of Japan: Prior to TO, Teikan PDF OGURA Shigeji
Restoration of Province Seals of Old Times: Through the Restoration of Seals of Shinano Province PDF FUKUSHIMA Masaki
A Scientific Study of Bronze Seals by Non-destructive Inspection Methods PDF NAGASHIMA Masaharu