Title Author
Reburial Grave with Funeral Urn in the Yayoi Period PDF SHITARA Hiromi
The Physical Character of the Pig in the Yayoi Period PDF NISHIMOTO Toyohiro
The Custom of Exorcism in the Yayoi Period PDF HARUNARI Hideji
Study on Tamamaki no Tachi PDF SHIRAISHI Taichiro
The Tosando in Musashi Province—From its Association with Ancient Sites— PDF SAKAI Kiyoji
Basic Research on Green-Glazed Wares Produced in Suo and Nagato PDF TAKAHASHI Teruhiko
Edo Castle as a Compilation PDF SENDA Yoshihiro
Folkloric Meaning of Village Landscape—Introduction to Study on Eastern and Western Japan— PDF FUKUTA Azio
The Structure of Grandparent-Grandchild Relationships in Japan PDF UENO Kazuo
Techniques of Magemono PDF IWAI Hiromi
Material Iron for Blacksmithing as seen in the"Kaji-Reicho"of Shokenza in Miyako and Yaeyama PDF ASAOKA Koji
Color Symbolism and Folk Culture in Cities PDF KOBAYASHI Tadao
The Music of the Various Tungus Races, Focussing on the Manchu PDF KOJIMA Tomiko
Pattern Analysis of Heterogeneous-Marriage Stories—From a Comparison between Japan and Korea— PDF KAWAMORI Hiroshi
X-ray Investigations and Uncovering Inscription on the Iron Sword Inscribed"Ou-shi" PDF NAGASHIMA Masaharu
Museums and Replica Materials PDF KOJIMA Michihiro
Research on Data Formation of Historical Materials and Phenomena—Process and Some Basic Themes— PDF YAEGASHI Junki
Monitoring of Museum Environment Using Telephone Line—Pilot Plant for Museum Climate Data Logging and Analysis System (McDLAS)— PDF KAMBA Nobuyuki
Trends in Insect and Fungus Control Methods in Museums PDF SONODA Naoko, KAMBA Nobuyuki
Management of Prince's Palace—The Eldest Prince and Imperial Brother— PDF NITO Atsushi
The Date of the Establishment of Taga Castle PDF HIRAKAWA Minami
A Study on the"Tanaka-Version Shunki"—Presentation on the Articles of August and September, Choryaku 2 (1038)— PDF FURUSE Natsuko
The Provincial Capital of Totomi as Background to the Ichinotani Medieval Graves PDF ISHII Susumu
Putting up Notice Boards—Classification and Functions of Displayed Wooden Boards— PDF SUITO Makoto
Sei-no-o in Divine Performance PDF FUKUHARA Toshio
Facts and Changes Regarding Defensive Weapons Found in Castles of the Early Modern Age PDF UDAGAWA Takehisa
A Study of Roads Adjunct to the Five Highways—Focussing Mainly on the Mito and Sakura Roads— PDF YAMAMOTO Mitsumasa
Ancient Pagoda in Fuchien Province, China PDF HAMASHIMA Masaji


Title Author
The Present Situation and Future Development of Nondestructive Analysis Methods of Historical Objects PDF TAGUCHI Isamu
The Estimation of the Thickness of a Bronze Object by X-ray Radiography PDF MIURA Sadatoshi
Neutron Radiography Application to Archaeological Objects and Fine Arts PDF MASUZAWA Fumitake
Analysis of Iron Slag of Ancient Turkey and Syria by Scanning Electron Microscope PDF KUBOTA Kurao
Metallurgical Analysis of Iron Slag Using Scanning Electron Microscope PDF TAKATSUKA Hideharu
Metallurgical Analysis of the Iron Implements Excavated from the Northern Tohoku District by Electron Probe Microanalyzer (EPMA) PDF AKANUMA Hideo
Calcareous Nannofossils Found in Grounds of Japanese Oil Paintings in the Late 19th Century PDF KAMBA Nobuyuki, SATOH Tokiyuki
A Chemical Study on Gilt Buddhist Images by Scanning Electron Microscope-Element Mapping Analysis PDF SAITOH Tsutomu
Neutron Activation Analysis for Historical Objects PDF HIRAI Shoji
Synchrotron Radiation X-ray Fluorescence Analysis of Historical Objects PDF NAKAI Izumi, MOCHIZUKI Akihiko, IIDA Atsuo, TAGUCHI Isamu, YAMASAKI Kazuo
Measurement of C-14 Age by Accelerator Mass Spectrometry PDF YOSHIDA Kunio
Clay Analysis of Jomon Earthenware—Joso Clay Layer and Clay Analysis of Earthenware— PDF KAMIJOH Tomohiro, ISHIKAWA Takashi
Basic Research on Earthenware Body Clay Nondestructive Analysis Method—XRF and ICP-MS Analysis on Tile and Unglazed Earthenware— PDF SUZUKI Minoru
Analysis of Historical Objects Using Element Distribution Analyzer PDF TAGUCHI Isamu
Characterization of Corroded Cultural Iron Properties PDF KANEKO Katsumi
Stabilization of Excavated Ironware PDF AOKI Shigeo
A Basic Study for Analysis of Bronze Using Instrument PDF HATTORI Akinori


Title Author
From Figure into Sign PDF HARUNARI Hideji
"Bokusho Doki"and the Shape of the Characters—Aspects of the Characters in Ancient Villages— PDF HIRAKAWA Minami
Kofun (mounded tomb) in the Later and Final Kofun Period in Hitachi Province, and Fudoki Articles on Establishment of Country Units PDF SHIRAISHI Taichiro
Archaeology and Folklore—Preparatory Study for Cooperative Work— PDF FUKUTA Azio
Significance and Methodology of Ground Plan Investigation of Medieval Castles PDF SENDA Yoshihiro
Types and Areas in Japanese Society—Some Problems in the Study of Regionalism in Japanese Society.— PDF UENO Kazuo
Life Cultural History of Akagi Type Farmer's House PDF TAKAHASHI Satoshi
Concept of Cultural Properties or Kultur Guter, and Historial Materials or Quellen PDF TSUKAMOTO Manabu
Invitation to the"Data Base of Japanese Shoen" PDF FUKUDA Toyohiko
Free Market Boards Possessed by Entokuji Temple, Gifu PDF KOJIMA Michihiro
Attempt at Total Input of Records PDF SUITO Makoto
Natural Scientific Research of Meteoritic Iron PDF TAGUCHI Isamu
A Chemical Study on Relic Related to Iron-Manufacturing in Sendai-Han (Fief) PDF SAITO Tsutomu
Monitoring of Museum Environment—Basis of Temperature and Humidity Measurement— PDF KAMBA Nobuyuki
Binders from Artists' Synthetic-based Paints—A Method of Characterization of Vinyl and Acrylic Resins— PDF SONODA Naoko
Individual and Society in Japan and Western Europe PDF ABE Kinya
Formation of Bronze-Age Culture in Liaohsi Province PDF KOMOTO Masayuki
Miaotikou-type Colored Earthenwere of Dawenkou Culture PDF NISHITANI Masaru
Memorandum on Transmission of Tang Ceremonies—Rites and Ceremonies in the Provinces— PDF FURUSE Natsuko
Folktales Dealing with Visitors—From the Comparative Viewpoint of Japan and Korea— PDF KAWAMORI Hiroshi
Consciousness of Human Rights among the Japanese in U.S. and Hawaii in the Period of Democratic Campaign PDF ARAI Katsuhiro


Title Author
Fundamental Tasks in the Study of Information Processing Support for Historical Purposes PDF YAEGASHI Junki
Standardization Versus the Diversity of Information PDF KURATA Tadashi
An Image Data Base using a Personal Computer and a Videodisc Recorder PDF TAKAMIZAWA Akio
Current Steps in the Application of Image Processing Technology in Art History Research PDF IDE Seinosuke, SHIMAO Arata, SUZUKI Hiroyuki
Art History Document Retrieval System Using a"Key Word Lexicon" PDF SHIMAO Arata, NAGAOKA Ryusaku, NAKAMURA Setuko
The Retrieval System of NARS (Nara Aerial Photograph Retrieval System) PDF ITOH Taisaku
The Study of Data-base and Data-processing on Historical Materials of Japan PDF NAGAMURA Makoto
Image Processing By Personal Computers. PDF IYODA Mitsuhiro, SUGAWARA Kenji, FUKUSHIMA Manabu, YAEGASHI Junki
Application of a Personal Computer Still Picture Data Base for Reference of Historical Materials PDF SUGAWARA Kenji, IYODA Mitsuhiro, FUKUSHIMA Manabu, YAEGASHI Junki
Extraction of Object Features and Its Application to Image Retrieval PDF YAMAMOTO Akio, TAKAGI Mikio
Experiments and Problems in Information Retrieval Systems based on some humanities data PDF YAEGASHI Junki, KURATA Tadashi
An Experimental Study on the Development of a Mapping System for Historical Information (HISMAP) PDF YAEGASHI Junki, KURATA Tadashi
A Fundamental Study of Basic Experiments in Image Processing and Support Systems for Images of Historical Objects PDF YAEGASHI Junki, KURATA Tadashi
An Experimental Study on the Development of an Image and Picture Data Base System of Historical Objects (HISPIC) PDF YAEGASHI Junki, KURATA Tadashi
Features of Background static or Print Images and One Method for Their Removal PDF HU Jinling, KURATA Tadashi, YAEGASHI Junki
A Method for Extraction of Diagram Feature Points and Restoration of Damaged Print Charactors PDF HU Jinling, KURATA Tadashi, YAEGASHI Junki