REKIHAKU 003 Contents

EDITED BY National Museum of Japanese History, MIKAMI Yoshitaka and UCHIDA Junko

Our Concept

Special Features
Nikki (Diaries, Journals, and Memoirs) Opening Windows into History

Featured Dialogue:

Getting Intimate with a Diary
Memories of the Marshall Islands and War

ŌKAWA Shiori and MIKAMI Yoshitaka
Fragments of Courtier Journals from the Heian Period (794–1185)
The Enduring Power of Nikki—Why Have Journals from a Millennium Ago Survived to the Present?
Column: When Did Court Women Start Writing Nikki?
Kana Literature and the Tosa Nikki (Tosa Diary)
OGURA Shigeji
Reading Prostitutes’ “Diaries” as an Outsider:
Prostitutes Who Write Diaries

Twitter as a Diary or Document to a Vast, Anonymous Public

KOJIMA Michihiro
Exploring How to Interpret Institutionalized Modern Diaries

Exploring the “Diary Culture” of Modern Japan

Column: Collecting, Utilizing, and Preserving Individuals’ Diaries

Personal Diaries as a Social Legacy

Historical Study that Uncovers History from People’s Daily Lives

Journals from the Joseon Dynasty and Research Trends

KIM Jeongun
Four Recommended Books for Those Who Want to Know More about the Special Features

Just History but Not "Just" History

The Technology that Makes Koban Coins Look Golden SAITO Tsutomu

Museum Manga Part 3

Welcome to the Sakura Museum of Japanese History
It’s Not Just a Case?!

ISHIDE Nanako's REKIHAKU Expedition, Part 3

Authorized Trading Ship with a Vermilion Seal : Set Off on a Fantasy Ocean Voyage ISHIDE Nanako

Stories from the Field

Looking to Tomorrow: A View from the Top of a Float, Part 3 (Final Episode): Connecting Festivals to the Future—Minazuki Sannō Festival


Museum in Print: An Object from Rekihaku

A Collection Spanning Two Generations―
Ikuta Collection: Kodō


At the Frontline of History Research

Showing Gender Concepts through Material Objects
Special Exhibition: “Gender in Japanese History” Retrospective

Managing a Twitter Account for #Gender Exhibition HIROKAWA Waka

EXHIBITION: An Invitation to Rekihaku

Welcome to the Featured Exhibition, “Woodblock Prints Depicting a Giant Catfish: Reflection of Edo People’s Imagination (archived at the Ōjaku Bunko Library)” ŌKUBO Junichi

SPOTLIGHT: Endeavors by Young Researchers

Crossing Over Communities, Eras, and Disciplines with the Aim of Sharing Knowledge KAMEDA Akihiro

Starting a Digital Archive of History, Part2

Cultural Japan HASHIMOTO Yūta

The Botanical Garden of Everyday Life: Seasonal Guide

Guide to the Seasonal Exhibitions “Traditional Japanese Morning Glories”

A Town with a Museum

Let’s Head Out into the Real Field—Lake Biwa
Lake Biwa Museum, Kusatsu City, Shiga Prefecture


Everyday Origins

Exploring Bon Rituals YAMADA Shin‘ya

Modicum of Research

Cultural History and Fascinating Things Seen at Japanese Local Markets, Part 3 (Final Episode) UCHIDA Junko

 Kaleidoscope of History

Collections Originally Archived by the Ōtsuka Museum of Traditional Implements and Tools AOKI Takahiro

Members Wanted: Friends of the Rekihaku Association / Rekihaku School Programs