REKIHAKU 002 Contents

EDITED BY National Museum of Japanese History, TAKATA Kanta and HASHIMOTO Yuta

Our Concept

Special Features
Exchange in East Asia: The History We Need Now

Small, Diverse Exchanges

A Small History of Japan-Korea Relations as Told by the Masses: Setouchi Fishermen on Korean Coastal Waters

MATSUDA Mutsuhiko
Column: Behind the Trends
The Fashion of Chinese Clothes in Modern Japan
Diplomacy from an Individual's Viewpoint
Considering Modern East Asia from an Individual Viewpoint: From a  Perspective of a British Businessman Who Sold Chinese Coal to Japan
Column: What is Diversity?
Questioning "Diversity": Simplicity's Significance and What Lies Beyond
A Diplomat's Experience

An Another Portrait of Townsend Harris: Hardships faced by the US Diplomat who Succeeded in Opening Japan

Ambiguous Borders

Boundaries and Frontiers Between Medieval Japan and Others

ARAKI Kazunori
Column: Imagining New Aspects of the Ryūkyū Kingdom

Borders Drawn in a Blue Sea: The Ryūkyū Empire and the Age of Discovery

Glimpsing Humanity Through Objects

People and Swords: Reconsidering Intercultural Interactions in Ancient East Asia

KIM Woodae
Column: Overcoming a Complex View of History

Researching Keyhole-Shaped Burial Mounds in the Korean Peninsula

Five Recommended Books for Those Who Want to Know More about the Special Features

Just History but Not "Just" History

Public Notices: From the Tokugawa Shogunate to the Meiji Government KURUSHIMA Hiroshi

Museum Cartoon, Part 2

Welcome to the Sakura Museum of Japanese History
You mean they're not real?!

ISHIDE Nanako's REKIHAKU Expedition, Part 2

That's Right—A Kappa's Behind Everything ISHIDE Nanako

Stories from the Field

Looking to Tomorrow: A View from the Top of a Float, Part 2: "Amamehagi" Will Be Back!! : Visiting Deities in Minazuki, Wajima City


Museum in Print: An Object from Rekihaku

Mysterious Artifacts: Armor and Helmets of the Marozuka Tomb

UENO Yoshifumi

At the Frontline of History Research

Exploring Tadami, Town of Documents, Oku Aizu: Using Untapped Local Treasures to Promote a New Regional Image through Academic Scrutinys KOIKE Junichi

Featured Exhibition

Running through East Asia: Sports in the Modern Age  

EXHIBITION: An Invitation to Rekihaku

Welcome to the Featured Exhibition, "Maritime "Empire," Ryūkyū─Analyzing "Medieval" through Yaeyama, Miyako, and Amami History" MURAKI Jiro

SPOTLIGHT: Endeavors by Young Researchers

Bringing Local Everyday Object Collections into the Future: A Quest for New Ways of Preservation and Documentation KAWABE Sakiko

Starting a Digital Archive of History, Part 1

khirin by the National Museum of Japanese History HASHIMOTO Yuta

The Botanical Garden of Everyday Life: Seasonal Guide

Guide to the Seasonal Exhibitions "Traditional Primroses"

A Town with a Museum

Uncovering the Allure of Ningyo at a "Doll Town"

Iwatsuki Ningyo Museum, Saitama Prefecture

Everyday Origins

The Date and Time of the Japanese Era Name Change OGURA Shigeji

Modicum of Research

Cultural History and Fascinating Things Seen in Japanese Local Markets, Part 2 UCHIDA Junko

 Kaleidoscope of History

A Letter by the King of Ryūkyū Preserved in the Documents of the Echizen-Shimazu Family TANAKA Hiroki

Members Wanted: Friends of the Rekihaku Association / Introducing the Dokodemo Rekihaku Website