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Our Concept

Special Features
Not "Just" History

Featured Dialogue

"What Can History Do for Us in These Times?"

Socially Constructed Gender
The Beginning of Gender History Research
MIKAMI Yoshitaka
Column: Environment and Development
"Untouched Wilderness" That Was Once Developed
SHIBASAKI Shigemitsu
Preserving Historical Materials
The Significance of Passing On Historical Materials
AMANO Masashi
Column: Modernization of Dietary Culture

Questioning the History of Dietary Habits

International Collaborative Research Today

The Siebold Family and Japan 150 Years Ago

and FUKUOKA Mariko
Column: Museum Exhibitions Today

Thinking about the Exhibition of Discrimination and Diversity in the Context of Modern and Contemporary Era

Developing a Kuzushiji Recognition System

KuroNet Kuzushiji Recognition System with AI

and Tarin Clanuwat
Column: Japan's Funerary Customs

What We Should Discuss before Discussing How We Should Handle the Dead

DOI Hiroshi
Four Recommended Books for Those Who Want to Know More about the Special Features

Just History but Not "Just" History

The Empress Featured on a Japanese Banknote: A Modern Image of a Legendary Figure NITO Atsushi

Museum Cartoon, Part 1

Welcome to the Sakura Museum of Japanese History TAKATORI Yu

ISHIDE Nanako's REKIHAKU Expedition, Part 1

Takakuni, the Bakufu's Mr. Look-at-Me, and His Self-Promoting Screen ISHIDE Nanako

Looking To Tomorrow

A view from the Top of a Float at the Sannou Festival of Monzen-machi, Wajima City, Part 1


Museum in Print: An Object from Rekihaku

Enthusiasm of the Capital Depicted in the "Butterfly" Dance Screen

OKUBO Junichi

At the Frontline of History Research

A Project to Create New "Knowledge" through Chance Encounters GOTO Makoto

EXHIBITION: An Invitation to Rekihaku

Welcome to the Special Exhibition, "Gender in Japanese History"! YOKOYAMA Yuriko

SPOTLIGHT: Endeavors by Young Researchers

Transcending the Millennium: Using Digital Technology to Bridge Early Modern French and Classical Japanese History KOKAZE Ayano

The Botanical Garden of Everyday Life: Seasonal Guide

Guide to the Seasonal Exhibitions "Traditional Antique Chrysanthemum" and "Winter Flowers 'Camellia Sasanqua'"Welcome

A Town with a Museum

The Town and Scenery around the National Ainu Museum TATEISHI Shinichi

Everyday Origins

The Modern History of Soap and Shampoo AOKI Takahiro

Modicum of Research, Part 1

Cultural History and Fascinating Things Seen in Japanese Local Markets UCHIDA Junko

The Forefront of Overseas Japanese Studies

Japanese Studies outside of Japan: The Case Study of Switzerland Hans Bjarne Thomsen

Members Wanted: Friends of the Rekihaku Association / Introducing the Dokodemo Rekihaku Website