REKIHAKU 005 Contents

EDITED BY National Museum of Japanese History, SAWADA Kazuto and YOSHIMURA Satoko

Special Features

Part I: The National Museum of Japanese History and Kimono

Design Highlights
1.Exactly as Drawn
2.Same Kimono, Different Colors
3.A Pattern Featuring Crows
4.Unique Left and Right Designs
5.Inspired by Versailles
6.Conspicuous Individualism

Masterful Craftsmanship
7.Outstanding Patchwork
8.A True Example of Craftsmanship
9.Perfection of the Cotton Kimono

Symbols of the Times
10. A Reference Model for Modern Products
11. Fashionable Among Tokyo Madams Elites

Rare and Unusual Kimono
12. An Old Example of Kimono Before They Were Stylized
13. A Rare Stencil-Dyed Kimono
14. Popular Among Westerners
15. An Unusual Attus (Ainu Garment)

Historically Significant Kimono
16. Worn by Princess Akiko, Third Daughter of Monarch Go-Mizunoo
17. Handed Down by Nishi Hongan-ji, the Buddhist Temple in Kyoto
18. Kimono of the Imperial Family

Illustrators, Painters, and Kimono
19. Painted by SAKAI Hōitsu
20. A Painting by Goshun
21. Kimono Models in a Painting by KITANO Tsunetomi
22. Kimono Pattern Model in a Painting by YAMAKAWA Shūhō

Dramas Surrounding Kimono
23. To Pray for the Soul of a Taiko Drummer
24. Donated by a Leader Behind the Ōyama Domain Cultivators’ Uprising
25. A Marriage Between Two Kimono

Recommended Places and Books for Those Who Want to Enjoy More Fashion

Museum Manga, Part 5

Welcome to the Sakura Museum of Japanese History
Side Story 1: Behind the Scenes of the Kimono Exhibition

Part II: Enjoying Fashion at the Museum

Prehistoric and Classical Times
(1) Bracelets Made from Conch Shells 1,400 Years Ago
(2) Decorative Belts: Trendy Accessories from Ancient East Asia
(3) Uniforms That Express Individualism

Medieval Period
(4) Falling Cherry Blossom Petals
(5) It’s Actually a Type of Armor, Dōmaru
(6) Standing Out on the Battlefield

Early Modern Period
(7) Favorite Accessories of Men of the Warrior Class
(8) A Pouch Still Used as Attire for the Shichi-Go-San Festival or a Wedding
(9) Depicting Stencil-Dyed Textiles

(10) Clothing Made of Bark Fiber, Clothing Made of Cotton
(11) Fishermen Chic
(12) Shinie: Depicting Kabuki Actors’ Travels in the Afterlife

Modern Period
(13) Government Military Uniforms: Tosa Domain Samurai Who Served in the Boshin War
(14) Perfection of Materials and Workmanship

The Botanical Garden of Everyday Life: Seasonal Guide

Guide to the Seasonal Exhibitions “Traditional Primroses”

EXHIBITION: An Invitation to Rekihaku

Welcome to the Special Exhibition, “Medieval Warrior Groups―Landlords Consolidating Roots in Their Territories” TANAKA Hiroki

Kaleidoscope of History

Japanese Kimonos with Western Floral Patterns SAWADA Kazuto

Members Wanted: Friends of the Rekihaku Association