REKIHAKU 004 Contents

EDITED BY National Museum of Japanese History, FUKUOKA Mariko and TAKATA Kanta

Our Concept

Special Features
Epidemics throughout History

Looking at Epidemics since the Middle Ages
Early-Modern Countermeasures against Smallpox in the Japanese Archipelago
KŌZAI Toyoko
Column: A Sense of Unease Closely Resembling the Present Covid-19 Pandemic
The Ainu People, Smallpox, and Vaccination 160 Years Ago
NAGANO Masahiro
Shining Light on Covid-19 with Documents from the Past
Exploring the Infection Routes of Cholera in Japan, 1858
Column: Positive and Negative Aspects of International Exchange

Trading Ships and Infectious Disease in the Middle Ages

ARAKI Kazunori
The Correlation of Disease and the Afterlife throughout History

The Lasting Relationship between Epidemics and the Spirits of the Dead

Matsuo Kōichi
Column: Passports Proving Passage from Epidemic-Free Regions

The Origins of Health Passes

History of Local Expert Meetings in Meiji Japan: From Cholera Prevention to Public Health ICHIKAWA Tomoo
Column: From the Chronicle of a Queen’s Heroic Fight against Illness
The Rivalry between Eastern and Western Medicine—An Example from 19th Century Siam
The History of Medicine in Early Modern Japan
Innovation and Eclecticism—Aspects of Medicine and Medical Treatment in Early Modern Japan
Wolfgang MICHEL
Five Recommended Books for Those Who Want to Know More about the Special Features

Just History but Not "Just" History

Rethinking Japanese History through Examining Premier Royal Ladies (Nyoin) KAWAI Sachiko

Museum Manga, Part 4

Welcome to the Sakura Museum of Japanese History
Wow, they have large exhibits, too

ISHIDE Nanako's REKIHAKU Expedition, Part 4

Housewives Ride to War! The Great Battle of New Year Dishes (Osechi) ISHIDE Nanako

Stories from the Field

Dig, Walk, Experience: From Historic Ruins into the FutureIssue 1. Unraveling Local History (Okayama Prefecture) MATSUGI Takehiko

Museum in Print: An Object from Rekihaku

Masterpieces from the Namiki Manufacturing Company (present-day Pilot Corporation)
The History and Beauty of Lacquered Fountain Pens in the Maki-e Style

KOIKE Jun’ichi

At the Frontline of History Research

Approaching Japanese History from the Perspective of Chemistry


EXHIBITION: An Invitation to Rekihaku

Welcome to the Special Exhibition, “Historical Aspects of Learning:
Navigating through Challenges and Developments in Modernization”
HIGUCHI Takehiko

SPOTLIGHT: Endeavors by Young Researchers

Local Memory and Archives: Investigating Community Archives On-Site TAKASHINA Maki

Starting a Digital Archive of History, Part3

Chūsei Monjo WEB (Japanese Medieval Documents Collection) HASHIMOTO Yūta

The Botanical Garden of Everyday Life: Seasonal Guide

Guide to the Seasonal Exhibitions “Traditional Antique Chrysanthemum” and “Camellia Sasanqua—the Glory of Winter”

A Town with a Museum

Examining the Resilience of Subtropical Islands, a World Natural Heritage Site
Amami Museum, Amami City, Kagoshima Prefecture


Everyday Origins

The History of Japanese Athletic Meets HIURA Satoko

Modicum of Research

Changing Funeral Rituals
Issue 1 | Making Artificial Funeral Flowers

The Forefront of Overseas Japanese Studies

Learning from the Re-analyzation Project in “Korean Antiquities Studies” KIM Daehwan

Members Wanted: Friends of the Rekihaku Association / Rekihaku School Programs