004 Epidemics throughout History
003 Nikki (Diaries, Journals, and Memoirs) Opening Windows into History
002 Exchange in East Asia: The History We Need No
001 Not "Just" History

Bimonthly Magazine “REKIHAKU” BACK NUMBER

No.203 Cross-cultural Contacts in East Asia: Reviewed from a Comparative Perspective
No.201 Sound Archives
No.200 Japanese Swords
No.199 Modernization in Painting
No.198 History of Japanese Society from the Angle of Gender
No.197 Giant Monuments and Prehistoric Society
No.196 Changes in Our Dietary Habits during the Period of Rapid Economic Growth
No.195 Relationships between Two Countries Separated by a Narrow Strip of Water: Japanese-Korean Relations from the Perspectives of Folklore and History
No.194 A Reexamination of the History of Early Ryūkyū
No.193 Cartoons and Caricatures in the Ukiyo-e Style
No.191 Folklore Studies–Reboot of a Dying Discipline–
No.190 Bringing Light on Historical Objects
No.185 Shōsōin Documents --Past, Present, and Future--
No.184 Documents from Medieval Japan
No.183 Image of Marriage
No.180 Characters and Computer 2013 ~Character codes dance~
No.179 Child and Museum -- Opening of “Rekihaku Experience”
No.174 Formation of the collection of textiles
No.173 Formation of historical representation and consumer culture
No.172 "Old People" in History and Folklore
No.171 Representations of the city “Edo“
No.170 Monsters and Yokai Culture
No.169 War and economic growth -- Collaborative research: Comprehensive study of the 20th century
No.168 The Seto Inland Sea -- People living on a trip
No.167 City Castles of East Asia
No.166 Nishiki-e and Printing Blocks
No.165 Weather Lore
No.164 Rakuchu-Rakugai-zu
No.163 Superstition – Familiar tradition –
No.162 Migration of People -- Gallery 6 "Contemporary History"
No.161 Gold
No.160 Manufacturing Technologies in the Middle Ages
No.159 Forms of Architecture
No.158 Photographs, Scenery, and History
No.157 Zenpo Koenfun - Keyhole-shaped Burial Mounds
No.156 Japanese sword
No.155 Fabrication of Stones
No.154 Merchants
No.153 Historic Park – Another Museum
No.152 Memories and Museums
No.151 Men's Space and Women's Space in the Home
No.150 Rice
No.149 New Scenes of the Edo Era - The Renovation of Gallery Three
No.148 The Art of the Craftsman
No.147 Video Material - A Potential Cultural Resource -
No.146 Goddesses - Interaction with Spirits by the Physical Body and Society
No.145 Scenes of Learning
No.144 Do Computers Dream of Archaeology?
No.143 Dating the Jomon Period
No.142 Bathhouses
No.141 Rice Paddy Culture in East Asia
No.140 A History of Study of Computer History
No.139 Around the time of the first earthenware
No.138 Funeral Rites and Food
No.137 Loving Someone of the Same Gender - Living in the Present
No.136 The World of Inland Seas
No.135 Markets, Quacks and Peddlers
No.134 Memories and Records
No.133 Body Image
No.132 Fashion
No.131 Diaries and History
No.130 Destruction and Non-destruction - Getting to know cultural assets
No.129 Mutual Recognition between Japan and Korea
No.128 Spaces for meeting people and objects - "field" work revisited
No.127 Pictures and Tales
No.126 Steel
No.125 ries of the Dead
No.124 Consumption during the Middle Ages
No.123 History's First Steps
No.122 "Nanban"
No.121 Graves
No.120 Age-dating - Yayoi period, where are you going?
No.119 visual materials
No.118 Historical Exhibitions
No.117 Sound
No.116 Color
No.115 DNA
No.114 Castles
No.113 Urushi (Japanese Lacquer)
No.112 On Photography
No.111 Post-colonialism
No.110 Leisurely Pursuits of Edo
No.109 Japan Overseas
No.108 Bridges and Passes
No.107 The Third Gender
No.106 The Supernatural World II
No.105 The Supernatural World 1
No.104 Etiquette
No.103 Ethnicities
No.102 Oceans and Rivers
No.101 Scholarship
No.100 The End of the World