No.201 2017 March


Special Features
Sound Archives

Introduction to the Special Features

For Passing on the History of Sound

(UCHIDA Junko)
Special Feature 1
Digital Archive of 78 rpm Records "Historical Recordings Collection (Rekion)": What Connects Us with the Past
Special Feature 2
Digital Distribution of NHK Radio Broadcast Archive
(IWASAKI Yoichi)
Special Feature 3
Towards the Dream of Sound Archives
Special Feature 4

The Importance of Preserving and Using Historical Phonographs



Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) and Its Japanese Folk Song Research (SHIMAZOE Kimiko
Japanese Folk Song Database of Rekihaku (UCHIDA Junko)

Witness to History
Photographic Introduction to Items from the Collection

Another Side of the I-Ching (Important Cultural Property) in the Tanaka Collection: An Interim Report of Hakuten (white gloss) (ISHII Yukio,
KONDO Hiroyuki,

Rekihaku Research Updates (Part 59)

Research on the Creation of Intellectual Structure Using Digital Archive Data of Historical Materials: Focusing on Kosode Folding Screen (HAMAGAMI Tomoki,
TOMII Takashi,
SAWADA Kazuto)

Rekihaku Research Updates (Part 60)

Looking Back on the Ten Years of “Rekihaku Film Forum” and “Rekihaku Cinema”

(UCHIDA Junko)

Museum Exhibitions Today (Part 53)

Shimane Prefectural Museum “Yakumotatsu Futoki no Oka”


Exhibition Review

Special Exhibition “History of Products in Relation to the Body”
 “The Body” as the Frontier of Historical Sciences
(YUZAWA Noriko)

Featured Exhibition

Amazing Show Tents in Japan (KAWAMURA Kiyoshi)

Updates on Special Exhibition

Rekihaku News