No.199 2016 November


Special Features
Modernization in Painting

Introduction to the Special Features

What the Sources of Coloring Materials Convey

(SHIMADZU Yoshiko)
Special Feature 1
Change of Colorants in Modernization
(SHIMADZU Yoshiko)
Special Feature 2
Accepting Synthetic Pigments in Japanese Paintings
(ARAI Kei)
Special Feature 3
Buddhism Sculptors Being at the Mercy of the Modernization
(OKADA Yasushi)
Special Feature 4

Modernization of Painting
Oil Paintings around Edo Period



Purple in Nishiki-e (YAMATO Asuka)
Materials Used in the Ground of Modern Oil Paintings (NAKAU Eriko)

A Witness to History

The World of Taiheiki from the Viewpoint of the Peaceful Edo Period (EMURA Tomoko)

Rekihaku Update 56

Towards Constructing “Integrated Studies of Cultural and Research Resources” (GOTO Makoto)

Rekihaku Update 57

Unveiling the Historical Significance of Ichimaizuri: Collaborative Research “Research on the Acceptance of Ichimaizuri Culture and Urban Society in Early Modern Times” (KANDA Yutsuki)

Museum Displays Today-- Part 51

Gunma Prefectural Museum of History (1)
The Museum Where the Ancient is Brought to Life

(KOIKE Kouhei)

Exhibition Review

Special Exhibition “Revisiting Siebold’s Japan Museum”
Siebold’s Treasurable Casket

(SUZUKI Hiroyuki)

Rekihaku Forum

103th Rekihaku Forum “Brilliance of Kinreidzuka Kofun (UENO Yoshifumi)

Updates on Featured Exhibition

Rekihaku News