No.198 2016 September


Special Features
History of Japanese Society from the Angle of Gender

Introduction to the Special Features (MIKAMI Yoshitaka)
Special Feature 1
Sex and Gender in the Jomon Period
Special Feature 2
Connecting the Capital and the Countryside: Labor and Song of Female Corvee Workers (nyocho) in the Ancient Japanese Imperial Court
(YOSHIE Akiko)
Special Feature 3
Adoption and Marriage as Military Strategies: Warrior Houses in Medieval Japan
Special Feature 4
A Big Price Drop in Prostitution: Shin Yoshiwara Red Light District in the Late Edo Period


Gender in Historical Scribbles (MIKAMI Yoshitaka)
Speech Culture and Gender (Osa Shizue)

A Witness to History

Ashide in Takafusakyou Tsuyakotoba Emaki: Kana Script Picture of the Dynasty Picture Scroll (OGURA Shigeji)

Invitation to History

History of Products in Relation to the Body (AOKI Takahiro)

Introducing Our Researchers-- Part 85

Observation of Modern History in Japanese School from Educational Objects (HIURA Satoko)

Museum Displays Today-- Part 50

Fuchu Local Forest Museum
Permanent Exhibition Renewed for the First Time in 27 Years
(FUKAZAWA Yasuyuki)

Exhibition Review

Life with a Fountain Pen (HISANO Toshihiko)

Featured Exhibition

Featured Exhibition
Department Stores and Early Modern Textiles
(SAWADA Kazuto)

Updates on Special Exhibition

Rekihaku News