No.197 2016 Jluy


Special Features
Giant Monuments and Prehistoric Society

Introduction to the Special Features (MATSUGI Takehiko)
Special Feature 1
Giant Monuments in Prehistoric Japan: Historical Significance of the Kofun Period
(MATSUGI Takehiko)
Special Feature 2
A Look at the Mounded Tombs of Japan and Europe
(FUKUNAGA Shin’ya)
Special Feature 3
Significance of Monuments in the Mississippian Culture of Prehistoric North America
(SASAKI Ken’ichi)
Special Feature 4
How Did Early Ceremonial Architecture Become Huge?: Perspectives from Ancient Civilizations of the Andes, Maya and West Asia
(SEKI Yuji)


Mounded Tombs in Japanese Archipelago and Korean Peninsula
(TAKATA Kanta)
Imperial Mausoleum in Ancient China (UENO Yoshifumi)

A Witness to History

A photographic introduction to items from the collection
Ceremonial Fan-Shaped Haniwa: Funeral Items for Sending off Ancient Chiefs
(MATSUGI Takehiko)

Invitation to History

Special Exhibition “Revisiting Siebold's Japan Museum” (HIDAKA Kaori)

Introducing Our Researchers-- Part 84

What Tree Rings Tell Us about Time (HAKOZAKI Masataka)

Museum Displays Today-- Part 49

Mie Prefectural Museum
Towards an Ever-Developing General Museum

Exhibition Review

Ishuretsuzo, the Image of Ezo: Tracing Persons, Things and the World (KIKUCHI Isao)

Featured Exhibition

Featured Exhibition in Gallery 3
Decorative Helmets and the Unique Flag from the Warring States Period
(KOJIMA Michihiro)

Seasonal Exhibition at the Botanical Garden of Everyday Life

Rekihaku News