No.196 May 20/2016


Special Features
Changes in Our Dietary Habits during the Period of Rapid Economic Growth

Introduction to the Special Features (SEKIZAWA Mayumi)
Special Feature 1
TV Cooking Programs during the Period of Rapid Economic Growth
(MURASE Keiko)
Special Feature 2
The Influence of Advertizing on the Diffusion of Refrigerators
(MIYAUCHI Takahisa)
Special Feature 3
Improvement of School Lunch during the Period of High Economic Growth
Special Feature 4
Contemporary History of Food Safety and Risks: The Importance of the Corporate Ethics Transmitted in Japanese Society
(SHINTANI Takanori)


Onishime and Salad
Truth and Falsehood of “Japanese Dietary Pattern” (HARAYAMA Kosuke)

A Witness to History

A photographic introduction to items from the collection
Insights into the Food Culture of Edo through the Ranking of Local Restaurants Based on Historical Resources
(OKUBO Junichi)

Rekihaku Update

The Impact of Climate Change on Human History: Environmental Conditions of War and State Formation (MATSUGI Takehiko)

Introducing Our Researchers-- Part 83

Exploring History and the World with Informatics (GOTO Makoto)

Museum Displays Today-- Part 48

Hokkaido Museum (2)
Reopened in April 2015

(AIDA Masato)

Book Review

“A History of the Yayoi Period” written by FUJIO Shin’ichiro (BABA Hisao)

Featured Exhibition

Featured Exhibition in Gallery 3
Japanese Irises and Sweet Flags in Design and Culture
(SAWADA Kazuto)

Updates on Special Exhibition

Rekihaku News