No.194 January 30/2016


Special Feature:A Reexamination of the History of Early Ryūkyū

An Introduction to the Special Features: A Study of Premodern “Okinawa” through the History of Early Ryūkyū (TANAKA Hiroki)
Special Feature 1: The Heroic Age of the Yaeyama and Miyako Islands and the “Ryūkyū Empire” (MURAKI Jiro)
Special Feature 2: Imperial Court Officials and Ryūkyūan Characters in Early Ryūkyū (YARA Ken’ichiro)
Special Feature 3: Kaō Monograms and Shuin Seals: the Rise and Fall of Early Ryūkyū (KUROSHIMA Satoru)
Special Feature 4: A Self-portrait of Early Ryūkyū (YOSHINARI Naoki)


Relationships between Ryūkyū and Chosǒn as Seen through Bankoku Shinryō Bell (ARAKI Kazunori)
Ryūkyūan Classical Music and Imperial Court (TOYONAGA Satomi)

A Witness to History

A photographic introduction to items from the collection
A Letter of the King of Ryūkyū Preserved in the Documents of the Echizen-Shimazu Family
(TANAKA Hiroki)

Rekihaku Update-- Part 54

The Twenty-year History of the Botanical Garden of Everyday Life
(AOKI Takahiro)

Introducing Our Researchers-- Part 81

Research on Medieval Tsushima and a Fortuitous Encounter with the Documents of the Sō Family
(ARAKI Kazunori)

Museum Displays Today-- Part 46

Renewal of the Permanent Exhibition of the Edo-Tokyo Museum

(NITTA Taro)

Book Review

Nitta Ichizoku no Chūsei: ‘Buke no Tōryō’ he no Michi (The Nitta Clan in Medieval Times: the Process of Emerging as a Leader in the Samurai Society)”  written by TANAKA Hiroki


An Introduction to Rekihaku Forum on Visual Materials

Memories of Forests in Yakushima Island

(SHIBASAKI Shigemitsu)

An Introduction to Special Exhibitions

Rekihaku News