No.191 July 20/2015


Special Feature:Folklore Studies–Reboot of a Dying Discipline–

An Introduction to the Special Feature (KAWAMURA Kiyoshi)
The Evening of Oral Literature, the Night of Oral Literature (IIKURA Yoshiyuki)
A Folklorist of Ethnicity (UMEYA Kiyoshi)
A Guide to Entertaining and Practical Folklore Studies (SHIBASAKI Shigemitsu)
The Final Day of Festival or a Future Course of Folk Culture and Folklore Studies (KAWAMURA Kiyoshi)


Geography and Folklore Studies (AOKI Takahiro)
Today’s Historians and Folklorists: A Monologue of a Researcher of Early Modern History (IWABUCHI Reiji)

A Witness to History

A photographic introduction to items from the collection
Collections Originally Archived by the Ōtsuka Archive of Woodcraft and Lumbering History
(AOKI Takahiro)

Invitation to History: Special Exhibition

Special Exhibition “Relations between Germany and Japan: 150 Years of Friendship between Germany and Japan” (HOYA Toru)

Introducing Our Researchers-- Part 78

Fieldwork on How to Lead a Life (HAYAMA Shigeru)

Museum Displays Today-- Part 43

Tōno City Museum

Welcome to the World of “Tales of Tōno”

(HASEGAWA Hiroshi)

Exhibition Review

Special Exhibition “Great Fake Exposition: Cultural History of Forgery and Imitation”

Great Profundity of Forgery and Imitation

(OSAWA Ken’ichi)

Featured Exhibition

Featured Exhibition at Gallery 3

The Witty Design and Sophisticated Craftsmanship of Inrō

(HIDAKA Kaori)

An Introduction to Special Exhibitions

Rekihaku News