No.185 July 20/2014


Special Feature:Shōsōin Documents --Past, Present, and Future--

Shōsōin Documents --Past, Present, and Future-- (SUZUKI Takuzi)
Study of Shōsōin Documents and the Role of the Replica Project of the National Museum of Japanese History (NITŌ Atsushi)
Historiographical Institute and Shōsōin Documents (YAMAGUCHI Hideo)
History of the Ancient Documents Investigation in the Office of the Shōsōin Treasure House (SASADA Yū)
Digitalization of Shōsōin Documents and Its Impact on the Current and Future Research (GOTŌ Makoto)


Shōsōin Documents Archived outside the Shōsōin Treasure House (OGURA Shigeji)
Development of a Reference System for the Study of Shōsōin Documents (ADACHI Fumio)

A Witness to History

A photographic introduction to items from the collection
Shōsōin Documents Archived at the National Museum of Japanese History
(OGURA Shigeji)

The 50th Rekihaku Update Rekihaku Research Note -- Part 50

Study of Ancient Characters (HIRAKAWA Minami)

Introducing Our Researchers-- Part 72

Study of Oil Paintings in the 19th Century from the Viewpoint of Techniques and Materials: Wall Paintings in Asia and Colored Documents in Japan (SHIMADZU Yoshiko)

Museum Displays Today-- Part 37

Nara Palace Site Museum, Nara National Research Institute for Cultural Properties
How to Enjoy and Appreciate Excavated Articles as Art


Book Review

Rekihaku Forum “New Perspective on the Plant Use of Jōmon People” written by KUDO Yuichiro; edited by the National Museum of Japanese History


Temporary Exhibition

“Illustrated Screens of Edo and Parades in Early Modern Japanese Screen Paintings”


Rekihaku News