No.184 May 30/2014


Special Feature:Documents from Medieval Japan

Analysis of Medieval Documents as Objects (KOJIMA Michihiro)
From Seal to Kaō Signature: Ancient and Medieval Documents (OGURA Shigeji)
Changes in the Function and Style of Medieval Documents (TAKAHASHI Kazuki)
From Production to transmission of Medieval Documents (KURUSHIMA Noriko)
Study of Historical Changes in the Writing Paper Style of Medieval Documents (TOMITA Masahiro)


Letters in the Shōsōin Archives (NITO Atsushi)
Seisatsu (Signboards) for the Storage Purpose: the Meaning of “Writing on Wooden Boards” (KOJIMA Michihiro)

A Witness to History

A photographic introduction to items from the collection
Documents of Medieval Court Nobles
(IHARA Kesao)

An Invitation to History–Special Exhibition–

What is Yayoi Culture? (FUJIO Shinichiro)

Introducing Our Researchers-- Part 71

Depicting “Armed Forces and Communities” from the Viewpoint of the History of Their Relationships (ARAKAWA Shoji)

Museum Displays Today-- Part 36

Yokohama Port Museum
Museum in History and Life
(SHUZAWA Masakatsu)

Book Review

“Yayoi Bunkazō no Shin-Kōchiku (New Establishment of the Image of Yayoi Culture)” by FUJIO Shinichiro

(NOJIMA Hisashi)

Rekihaku Chat (readers’ page) (Exhibition room Q&A)

Rekihaku News