Special Feature: Characters and Computer 2013 ~Character codes dance~

Characters, Computers, and Humans (Takuzi Suzuki)
Half-century of Japanese Character Codes -- Beyond the conflict with the international community (Koichi Yasuoka)
Windows Gaijiand Dispute over Their Compatibility (Katsuhiro Ogata)
Variant Characters and IVS (Ideographic Variation Sequence) (Taichi Kawabata)


GlyphWiki -- Database of glyphs for accumulating and sharing every kanji and variant character (Koichi Kamichi)
Kanji of Geographical Names That Can Be Written and Displayed on Computers (Tomokazu Takada)
[Interview] Fonts and IVS ~ From the standpoint of a font vendor ~ (Hiroki Kanou)
(Listener: Takuzi Suzuki)

A Witness to History

A photographic introduction to items from the collection
Toward the Publication of Photographic Images of Excavated Ancient Characters
(Minami Hirakawa)
(Noriko Takei)

An Invitation to History - Special Exhibition-

Documents from Medieval Japan: Functions and Styles (Michihiro Kojima)

Series for the 30th Anniversary of Rekihaku [9]
Introducing Our Researchers ― Part 67

Eight Years in a Rush (Kenzo Matsuzaki)

Museum Displays Today ― Part 32

Chiba Museum of Science and Industry
Exhibition Galleries for Modern Industry and Technology, and Their Ideas
(Rihito Morita)

[Book review]

“The Ryukyus island chain --- Objects, Men, and Cultures around the Ocean” Edited by Koichi Matsuo, National Museum of Japanese History (Everett Brown)

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