Special Feature: Child and Museum --- Opening of “Rekihaku Experience”

Is a Museum a Place That Children Want to Visit?

(Kazuto Sawada)

What a Museum Can Give to Children as a Present (Hiroko Ohtsuki)
Beginning of the Museum for Children in Japan (Yuuka Sato)
Approach to Children, and Adults around Children at the National Museum of Japanese History (Ayumu Ota)
(Kazuto Sawada)


Design of “Museum Experience for Children” at Rekihaku (Yuuka Sato)
“Medieval Meal” Kit --- How do we know it is a medieval meal? (Jiro Muraki)
“Pattern of Kimono” Kit (Kazuto Sawada)
“Architecture ---Structure of House” Kit (Tetsuo Tamai)

A Witness to History

A photographic introduction to items from the collection
Archeology of Children -- “Clay figure holding a child” excavated from the Miyata Site in Hachioji-shi, Tokyo
(Yasuhiro Yamada)

The 47th Rekihaku Update

Search for the Potential of Digital Exhibitions (Takuji Suzuki)

Series for the 30th Anniversary of Rekihaku [8]
Introducing Our Researchers ― Part 66

History of Exchanges and High and Low of “Arts” -- “The Madonna with the Infant Jesus and Her Fifteen Mysteries,” etc.

(Mitsuru Sakamoto)

Museum Displays Today ― Part 31

Iwami Art Museum
New Sensation Art Appreciation with Narration and Music

(Yuri Kawanishi)

[Book review]

“Listening to the Museum in the Disaster Area -- Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, and historical and cultural materials” edited by the National Museum of Japanese History (Shingo Hidaka)

Rekihaku Chat (readers' page) [Exhibition room Q&A]

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