Special Feature: Formation of the collection of textiles

The collections themselves tell the history (Kazuto Sawada)

Special Feature: Formation of the collection of textiles

Collections of textiles of dealers and department stores -- Collections in Chiso, Marubeni, and Matsuzakaya

(Tomoko Hayashi)

Collections of Noh costumes in private museums -- Businesspeople who loved Noh (Natsuko Shoda)
Collection conveying messages -- From the formation of the collection by Yoshikawa Kanpo and the situation of its utilization (Reiko Iijima)
Collection of costumes by Nomura Shojiro -- Collection by an antique dealer (Kazuto Sawada)


Collection for education -- Collection at the Bunka Gakuen Costume Museum (Kayo Murakami)
Collection of textiles by Okada Saburosuke (Kayoko Mizukami)

A Witness to History

A photographic introduction to items from the collection
[Toward the Construction of New Gallery 4] Yakusugi craftworks
(Shigemitsu Shibasaki)

An Invitation to History - Special Exhibition-

Early Modern Japan through Parades: Samurai, Aliens, and Festivals (Hiroshi Kurushima)

Series for the 30th Anniversary of Rekihaku [3]
Introducing Our Researchers ― Part 61

Memory of the period of the foundation of Rekihaku (Taichiro Shiraishi)

Museum Displays Today ― Part 27

Kanazawa Noh Museum
The world's only art museum specialized in Noh

(Maiko Yamauchi)

[Book review]

“History of Culture and Environment in the Paleolithic and Jomon Periods --- High-precision Radiocarbon Dating and Archeology” by Yuichiro Kudo (Hideji Harunari)

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