Special Feature: "Old People" in History and Folklore

From What Viewpoint have History, Folklore, and Archeology Considered "Old Age"? (Yamada Yasuhiro)

Special Feature: "Old People" in History and Folklore

"Old People" in Archeology – Focusing on the example of the Jomon period

(Yamada Yasuhiro)

Old People in Folklore – Rice and longevity (Sekizawa Mayumi)
Day of Elimination of Old People – Two "problems of old people" in Vanuatu (Fukui Eijiro)
Old Age in the Edo Period (Matsumoto Junko)


Old People and Illness in Paleopathology (Tanihata Miho)
Hokusai and Old Age (Okubo Jun'ichi)

A Witness to History

A photographic introduction to items from the collection
Toward the Construction of New Gallery 4
Artificial Baits for Skipjack Pole-and-Line Fishing
(Matsuda Mutsuhiko)

The 43rd Rekihaku Update

The 80th Rekihaku Forum
"Regional Development and Cultural Materials"
(Aoki Takahiro)

Series for 30th Anniversary of Rekihaku [1]

On the Occasion of the 30th Anniversary of Rekihaku (Hirakawa Minami)

Book Review

"<New> Yayoi Period [Rekishi Bunka Library 329]" by Fujio Shin'ichiro

(Ishikawa Hideshi)

Book Introductions by the Author

"Ethnography of Multiethnic Valley" (Nishitani Masaru )
"Archeology of Life and Death" (Yamada Yashuhiro)

Exhibition Review

Special Exhibition: quot;Recording Landscapes: Photographic Possibilities" (Nakanishi Ryotaro)

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