Special Feature: Representations of the city "Edo"

Trying to relativize representations of the city "Edo" (Reiji Iwabuchi)

Special Feature: Representations of the city "Edo"

Psychology of famous scenic places in Edo (Taro Ida)
Edo as seen by those from other provinces -- Representations of Edo by samurais on duty there (Reiji Iwabuchi)
Aliens and representations of Edo -- Mainly with sketches by Korean emissaries (Ronald Toby)
Edo as seen by Siebold (Masahide Miyasaka)


Mt. Fuji, "Peerless mountain of the world" (Fumiko Kobayashi)
How did Westerners see the city of Edo?
"E de miru Nippon" (1870) by Aime Humbert
(Veronique Beranger)

A Witness to History

A photographic introduction to items from the collection
Edo Keikan Zu
-- Representations of “Edo“ in early modern times (historical paintings)
(Reiji Iwabuchi)

The 42nd Rekihaku Update

Special Exhibition at the Canadian Museum of Civilization
"Country of tradition and innovation – Japan" -- Exhibiting "Japan" overseas
(Hiroshi Kurushima)

Introducing Our Researchers - Part 59

Early modern era of Japan as an ethnographical subject (Yasuaki Maruyama)

Special Exhibition

An exhibition held in cooperation with the National Institutes For Humanities, "Painting Cities – Kyoto and Edo-"
Part 1 "Screens of Scenes In and Around Kyoto and Genre Paintings"
(Michihiro Kojima)

Book Review

"Postwar history of consumers - From the times of the black market to that of housewives" by Kosuke Harayama (Isamu Mitsuzono)

Special Program at the Botanical Garden of Everyday Life

Season's traditional plant "Traditional Primroses" (Satoshi Yamamura)

Rekihaku News