Special Feature:The Seto Inland Sea -- People living on a trip

Daily life on a trip (Matsuda Mutsuhiko)

Special Feature: The Seto Inland Sea -- People living on a trip

Stonemasons on the islands are living on a trip. (Matsuda Mutsuhiko)
Expanding world of fishermen in Setouchi (Takeda Naoko)
Modern people of the sea -- Ebune in Toyoshima, Hiroshima (Kim Byungchul)
Ippaihunanusi and pre-war coal transportation (Koba Toshihiko)


Bargemen in Osaka Bay and their families

(Fujiwara Hiroshi)
Fishermen of the Seto Inland Sea sailing out to Korea and the formation of "Namiichi" (Oh Changhyun)

A Witness to History

A photographic introduction to items from the collection
Mikoshi of Hakusan Shrine and Sakadari Shrine in Ushitsu, Noto
(Matsuo Koichi)

The 40th Rekihaku Update

Study of estimation of production areas of Japan-Korea bronze products using the lead isotope ratio

(Saito Tsutomu)

Introducing Our Researchers - Part 56

Middle Ages and Early Modern Ages -- Castle towns and museums (Kojima Michihiro)

Museum Displays Today -- Part 24

Imabari City Murakami Suigun Museum
Town development and museum activities featuring Murakami Suigun -- Toward a museum rooted in the community

(Tanaka Ken)

Exhibition Review

Special Exhibition: “Photo Albums of a Marquis Family: From Kido Takayoshi to Kido Koichi, Four Generations of the Kido Family” (Iwashita Tetsunori)

Featured exhibition

“Research of Maria Juugo Gengizu (Fifteen images depicting the life of Virgin Mary)” (Kojima Michihiro)

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