Special Feature: Weather Lore

Let's Look Up at the Sky (Miyata Kimiyoshi)

Special Feature: Weather Lore

Know about Wind, and Know with Wind -- Weather Lore in Folklore (Yasumuro Satoru)
Weather and Superstitious Belief (Tsunemitsu Toru)
Forecast of Torrential Rain and Lightning by LIDAR (Shina Tatsuo)
Introduction of Research Using Snows Effectively (Kawada Yoshitaka)


Why Does the Sky Look Blue?

(Miyata Kimiyoshi)
Exploring Past Climates with Ice (Kudo Yuichiro)

A Witness to History

A photographic introduction to items from the collection
Canton Ware -- Chinese Export Lacquerware
(Hidaka Kaori)

The 38th Rekihaku Update

Visual Materials for Folklore Studies
From the Production of "Sake Brewing in Heisei"

(Aoki Takahiro)

Introducing Our Researchers - Part 53

Research of the Ancient Imperial Capital and Local Communities
-- Toward Construction of a New Image of Ancient Times
(Hayashibe Hitoshi)

Topics from the Gallery

Renewal of the Rekihaku "Prologue"

(Okubo Jun-ichi)

Exhibition Review

Special Exhibition: "Bushi: The Myths and Realities of Japanese Warriors" The Military Arts Were Not Only for Bushi.

(Hirakawa Arata)

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