Special Feature: Superstition – Familiar tradition –

Often Exercising Binding Force in Concrete Scenes of Life (Toru Tsunemitsu)

Special Feature: Superstition – Familiar tradition –

Croak of Raven and Omen of Death (Toru Tsunemitsu)
Fortune-telling as World Ordering Device (Sakumi Itabashi)

Why Should We Avoid <<Clipping Nails at Night>>? - Structure of Taboo and Avoidance -

(Kaori Matsuzaki)
Game of Engacho as Culture (Chisato Kujirai)


Morning Song of Kashiki

(Shuichi Kawashima)
"Shutsujin-shidai" – Magic spell of feudal warlord – (Michihiro Kojima)

A Witness to History

A photographic introduction to items from the collection
(Jun-ichi Okubo)

The 37th Rekihaku Update

Gallery 6 "Contemporary History": Four Major Themes Summary of Rekihaku Forum

(Tsuneo Yasuda)

Introducing Our Researchers - Part 51

Vietnam after the War and Origin of Studies - In the days of "Japanese fascism and grass-roots movement"

(Tsuneo Yasuda)

Book Review

Mutsuhiko Matsuda’s "Folklore Studies of Migration of People - Occupation and hometown seen from trip -"

(Takanori Shimamura)

Book Introductions by the Author

"Japanese History Read in Historic Site 9: City and Culture of Edo" edited by Reiji Iwabuchi

(Reiji Iwabuchi)

Exhibition Review

Special Exhibition: Exhibition in cooperation with National Institutes for the Humanities

After the Visit to "Beyond the Boundary in Asia"
(Shinya Fukunaga)

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