Special Feature: Migration of People -- Gallery 6 "Contemporary History"

*Changeable Times are the Times of Significant Migration of People (Mayumi Sekizawa)

Special Feature: Migration of People -- Gallery 6 "Contemporary History"

Viewpoint of "Migration of People" in "Contemporary History Gallery" (Tsuneo Yasuda)
Behind Demilitarization at Defeat (Yoko Kato)
Postwar Withdrawal of Japan in Photos (Masakatsu Okado)
High Economic Growth and Migration of People -- Old Families in Farm Village Being Destroyed (Mayumi Sekizawa)


From Black Market under Occupation

(Kosuke Harayama)
Yearning for Tokyo in Popular Songs -- Showa 30s and Showa 50s (Takanori Shintani)

A Witness to History

A photographic introduction to items from the collection
Materials Related to the Sakura Regiment Waiting for Their Turn
(Takehiko Higuchi)

An Invitation to History

Special Exhibition: Bushi: The Myths and Realities of Japanese Warriors (Kazuki Takahashi)

Introducing Our Researchers - Part 50

Prehistoric Archeology and Chronology -- How to Connect Human History and Environmental History (Yuichiro Kudo)

Museum Displays Today—Part 21:
Kokugakuin University Research Center for Traditional Culture Museum

"Traditional Wisdom and Practice to Be Learned in Materials and Spirit" (Takashi Uchikawa)

Topics from Gallery

Themed Exhibition Commemorating the Opening of Gallery 6
“JAPANESE IMMIGRANTS -- In the United States and the War Era”

(Kosuke Harayama)

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