Special Feature

* Gold
* Why do we like gold so much?
(Tsutomu Saito)

Special Feature: Gold

Foundation of Buddhist Culture / Gold of Tohoku (Tadao Yaegashi)
Sado Gold and Silver Mine (Yumiko Oda)
Secret of Koban (Yasushi Nishiwaki)
Attraction of Gold ‒ Interpretation of the Golden Triangle in Folklore and History (Takanori Shintani)


Golden Embroidery ‒ From Chinese Gold Thread to Japanese Gold Thread

(Kazuto Sawada)
Gold Plating Technology (Tsutomu Saito)

A Witness to History

A photographic introduction to items from the collection
Visual Materials for Folklore Studies "Sake Brewing in Heisei" – Production, Inheritance, and Innovation
(Tetsuo Tamai)

An Invitation to History

[Exhibition held in cooperation with the National Institutes for the Humanities]
"Beyond the Boundary in Asia"
(Yoshifumi Ueno)

Introducing Our Researchers - Part 49

Starting Point of My Studies on Early Modern History (Hiroshi Kurushima)

Museum Displays Today—Part 20: Iki City Ikikoku Museum

Birth of a Symbolic Base for "Museum Town Planning" in Iki Island (Yuji Matsumi)

Book Review

"Himiko and Toyo – Queens of Wakoku," written by Atsushi Nito (Shin-ichiro Watanabe)

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