Special Feature

* Forms of Architecture
* Forms of Architecture Indicating the Social Meaning
(Tetsuo Tamai)

Special Feature:Forms of Architecture

Forms of Pagodas -- China and Japan (Tan Tanaka)
Forms of Shrine Architecture (Keisuke Fuji)
Forms of Ancones and Their Social Meaning (Wataru Mitsui)
Forms of Private Houses (Tetsuo Tamai)


Symbolism of Churches (Shuji Hanyu)
Sculptures and Coloring Seen in Architecture in the Early Modern Period -- Solid Formation and Embodiment of Images (Shigeru Kubodera)

A Witness to History

A photographic introduction to items from the collection
Feeling for Cherry Blossoms -- Tsukinowa Temple Ryakuengi and Shigure-no-Sakura
(Jun-ichi Koike)

An Invitation to History [Gallery 6 “Contemporary History”]

Basic Viewpoint of "Popular Culture" (Tsuneo Yasuda)

Introducing Our Researchers - Part 47

Challenges of Socio-Economic History and Source Criticism (Kesao Ihara)

Construction of Gallery 4 -- A new permanent exhibition

From the Research of the New Year and the Bon Festival Gallery 4 Renewal Committee

Exhibition Review

Special Exhibition: The Beginning of the Jomon Culture -- What Took Place 15,000 Years Ago? (Yoshiaki Kurishima)

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