Special Feature

* Photographs, Scenery, and History
* What Kind of "Piece" and What Kind of "Moment" Is a Photograph?
(Hiro'o Aoyama)

Special Feature:Photographs, Scenery, and History

Local Photo Studio, and Production, Distribution, and Consumption of Scenery - From the activity of Kubo Photo Studio in Shingu, Wakayama Prefecture (Toshiyuki Shimazu)
Reading Postcards of Popular Sights (Akiko Sekido)
Dance of Three Lions in Mine (Yutaka Hatakeyama)
Historical Landscape in an Image Taken from the Sky (Noboru Ogata)


Ancient Waterway in an Aerial Photograph (Hiro'o Aoyama)
Keisei Electric Railway Photo Contest in the Early Showa Period (Yuito Tatsumi)

A Witness to History

A photographic introduction to items from the collection
Record of "Scenery" of Sixty Years after the War - Minoru Ishii Photo Library
(Hiro'o Aoyama)

The 34th Rekihaku Update

[Survey of Materials] (Shinya Yamada)
Death World of Kabuki Actors: Publication of the Shini-e Illustrated Catalogue

Introducing Our Researchers - Part 46

Nondestructive Analysis Research on Historical Materials and Cultural History of Lacquer (Masaharu Nagashima)

Museum Displays Today - Part 18

Asahikawa City Museum (Takuo Segawa)
New Exhibition for Experience of Ainu History and Culture

Exhibition Review

Special Exhibition: Palaces, Religious Structures, and Dwellings in East Asia - The Truth of Traditional Japanese Architecture (Hitoshi Hayashibe)

Small-scale Special Exhibition in Gallery 3

"Hina Doll Display Associated with Princess Kazunomiya" (Kaori Hidaka)

Rekihaku News