Special Feature

* Japanese sword
* A Japanese sword is not just a work of art
(Tsutomu Saito)

The 50th Museum Colloquy -- Interview

Traditional skills for making Japanese swords and the scientific viewpoint (Hokke Saburo-Nobufusa and Tsutomu Saito)

Special Feature:Fabrication of Stones

Are "Samurai" and "Katana" truly inseparable? (Yoshikazu Kondo)
Edge of Japanese swords (Kazutoshi Harada)
Japanese swords and prayers (Yasuhiro Ozaki)


Materials of Japanese swords -- Japanese steels and Western steels (Hideharu Takatsuka)
Export of swords in the Middle Ages (Shuichi Seki)

A Witness to History

A photographic introduction to items from the collection
Historical Materials about Jigekanjin Officials in the Medieval Imperial Palace
(Kesao Ihara)

An Invitation to History

2009 Special Exhibition:
The Beginning of the Jomon Culture --What Took Place 15,000 Years Ago?
(Ken’ichi Kobayashi)

Introducing Our Researchers -- Part 44

For inheritance and development of folklore (Takanori Shintani)

Museum Displays Today -- Part 17 --

Okinawa Prefectural Museum and Art Museum Gathering Okinawa's nature, history, culture, and art together [Focusing on the museum] (Kyoko Sakihara)

Exhibition Review

Special Exhibition: The How and Why of Nishiki-e Production (Shiori Ito)

[Small-scale Special Exhibition in Gallery 3]

Graceful Embroidery and Gold Leaf: Keicho-Style Kosode Robes from Nomura Collection (Kazuto Sawada)

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