Special Feature

* Historic Park – Another Museum
* Historic Park as “Visualized Japanese History”
(Kazuo Hirose)

A Witness to History

A photographic introduction to items from the collection
Tile Collection -- History Hidden in Tiles
(Jiro Muraki)

Special Feature:Historic Park – Another Museum

Visiting Historic Parks in Tokyo (Kazuo Hirose)
Future of the Buried Cultural Property Administration (Yoshio Negita)
Archaeological Reports and Historic Parks (Yukihiro Amano)
Archaeological Sites and Town Management -- Thinking about the Turning Point in Regional Policy (Yoshifumi Muneta)


Shimotsuke Yakushiji Site (Takayo Kaku)
Iwami Ginzan Archaeological Site (Shinji Tsubaki)

The 34th Rekihaku Update

Collaborative Research: "Scientific Research"
Comprehensive Study of Mediaeval Ritual Texts
-- Focusing on “Tenporinsho,” an old document in the classical books and documents formerly in the Tanaka Yutaka Collection at the National Museum of Japanese History
(Yasuro Abe)

Introducing Our Researchers -- Part 41

Study of Japanese Social Structure (Kazuo Ueno)

Museum Displays Today -- Part 16

New Japanese Display at the British Museum (Hiroshi Kurushima)

Exhibition Review

Special Exhibition: Portrait of “Dyeing” and “Weaving” – Dyed Fabrics Protected and Inherited in Japan and South Korea (Reviewed by Shigeki Kawakami)

Rekihaku Chat (readers' page) March 20, 2009

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