Special Feature

* Memories and Museums
* Communication Between Museums, Users and Society Brought About by Memories
(Yuka Sato)

A Witness to History

A photographic introduction to items from the collection
Kimono from the modern age -- Garments and accessories of the Kurata family
(Kazuto Sawada)

Special Feature:Historic Park – Memories and Museums

The 49th Museum Colloquy People's memories and museum displays (Tomoo Nunotani
and Tsuneo Yasuda)
From personal memories to society's memories -- Museums and the psychology of memories (Hisao Nojima)
Archiving memories -- The 2002 Seoul Style Exhibition and the Lee family (Koji Sato)
Memories of "Showa Nostalgia" (Atsushi Kaneko)


Making memories into resources, using them and methods of recollecting a community -- Sharing and utilizing memories (Yoshinori Ichihashi)
Memories and descriptions of those who experienced Tokyo air raids and the role of a museum -- An initiative by the Sumida Heritage Museum (Yoshiaki Tanaka)

An Invitation to History

Special Exhibition: The How and Why of Nishiki-e Production (Jun'ichi Okubo)

Introducing Our Researchers -- Part 40

History and Research on Historical Resources (Masayuki Yoshioka)

Construction of Gallery 4 -- A new general exhibit

Using folk studies to interpret "landscapes" (Takahiro Aoki and Junko Uchida)

Book Review

"Representations of Foreign Countries -- Creativity in Export Lacquerware from the Early Modern Period" by Kaori Hidaka (Reviewed by Mitsuru Sakamoto)

Mini Special Exhibition in Gallery 3

"Hina Dolls and Ornaments Associated with Princess Kazunomiya" (Kaori Hidaka)

Rekihaku News