Special Feature

* Men's Space and Women's Space in the Home
* Men's and Women's Spaces are not Unrelated
(Tetsuo Tamai)

A Witness to History

A photographic introduction to items from the collection
"Shini-e" -- Portraits of the deceased
(Kazuto Sawada)

Special Feature:Men's Space and Women's Space in the Home

Women's space in shinden style buildings (Shigeo Kawamoto)
Separation of men and women in traditional Korean homes (Yasuhiko Nishigaki)
The "O-oku" -- Women's space in Edo Castle (Mieko Matsuo)
Men and Studies (Kazuko Koizumi)


The Den -- The husband's study in a traditional English home (Martin Morris)
The maid's room in early modern homes (Yumiko Kojima)

The 33rd Rekihaku Update

Collaborative Research: "Scientific Research"
Comparative Historical Study of East Asian Architecture
(Tetsuo Tamai)

Introducing Our Researchers -- Part 39

Focusing on evidence (Shinsaku Sugiyama)

Museum Displays Today -- Part 15

Okinawa City Post-War Cultural Resources Exhibition Room "Histreet" Disseminating information on the post-war period and revitalizing the community (Takashi Onga)

Exhibition Review

Special Exhibition: "Travel -- From Edo period pilgrimages to modern railway travel" (Masashi Sugiyama)

Rekihaku Chat (readers' page) November 20, 2008

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