Special Feature

* Rice
* Japanese Society and Rice
(Kosuke Harayama)

A Witness to History

A photographic introduction to items from the collection
Preparations and financial account ledgers for imperial accession ceremonies in the Middle Ages
(Kesao Ihara)

Special Feature:Rice

How did modern Japan come to accept rice as its staple food? (Masaya Iwasaki)
Food crises and the Edo period (Kotaro Iwata)
The development of the modern sake brewing industry and rice (Takahiro Aoki)
A socio-economic history of rice (Osamu Soda)


Rice terraces -- The destroyers of these beautiful environments (Masaru Nishitani)
The natural and recent phenomenon of rice as a commodity (ke Harayama)

An Invitation to History

Special Exhibition: Fabrics of History: Textiles Handed Down Throughout Japanese and Korean History (Kazuto Sawada)

Introducing Our Researchers -- Part 38

Asking oneself "What can I do now?" (Kazuto Sawada)

Construction of Gallery 6 -- A new general exhibit

Folkloric perspectives in the exhibit: "Rapid Economic Development and Lifestyle Changes" (Mayumi Sekizawa)

Book Review

"Death and Funerals in Contemporary Japan -- Development of the Funeral Industry and Changing Views on Life and Death" by Shinya Yamada (Takako Tamagawa)

Mini Special Exhibition in Gallery 3

Japanese Musical Instruments: Heirlooms from the Kishu-Tokugawa Family -- Sho (Mouth Organs) (Kaori Hidaka)

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