Special Feature

* New Scenes of the Edo Era -- The Renovation of Gallery Three
* Three New Displays
(Hiro'o Aoyama)

A Witness to History

A photographic introduction to items from the collection
A collection on ghosts and yokai
(Toru Tsunemitsu)

Special Feature:New Scenes of the Edo Era -- The Renovation of Gallery Three

Highlights of the new Early Modern period exhibit (Hiroshi Kurushima, Reiji Iwabuchi)
What is Ezo nishiki? -- An introduction to Ezo nishiki in the Museum collection (Kazuto Sawada)
Early Modern Ryukyu as seen in music (Junko Uchida)
The urban culture of Edo as depicted in nishiki-e (Junichi Okubo)
Performing arts in the Early Modern period -- In both urban and rural areas (Koichi Matsuo)
Village occupations in the Early Modern period (Satoru Yasumuro)
The Early Modern period as seen in "goods" (Kaori Hidaka)

An Invitation to History

Special Exhibition: Travel -- From Edo period pilgrimages to modern railway travel (Mitsumasa Yamamoto)

Introducing Our Researchers -- Part 37

From research on the Shukueki system of post inns to research on the history of travel (Reiji Iwabuchi)

Museum displays today -- Part 14

Special Exhibition at the Botanical Garden of Everyday Life and Mini Exhibition in Gallery Three -- Traditional Japanese Morning Glories (Reiji Iwabuchi)

Exhibition Review

"Early Modern Japan" in Gallery Three -- Looking at the new "Early Modern Japan" exhibition (Masatoshi Goto)

Rekihaku News