Special Feature

* The Art of the Craftsman
* The Art of the Craftsman Practicing Today
(Takahiro Aoki)

A Witness to History

A photographic introduction to items from the collection
A small piece of bamboo -- Kyosan in the Museum's collection -- Folding screens depicting Wakanoura and Itsukushima
Illustration of Izumo Shrine and environs
(Takanori Shintani)

Special Feature:New Scenes of the Edo Era -- The Art of the Craftsman

The forming techniques of ceramic ware craftsmen -- Focusing on Seto (Hidetoshi Miyachi)
Features of the skills underpinning Yuki tsumugi production and the process of passing them on -- Harmonization and crystallization of individuality (Noriko Yuzawa)
Sharpening the nib -- Fountain pen craftsmen today (Jun'ichi Koike)
Sake qualities and techniques (Takahiro Aoki)


Wajima lacquer craftsmen and the training of apprentices (Keiichi Shimaguchi)
Oketaru (tub and barrel) crafts in Japan and China (Hiroshi Ogawa)

The 32th Rekihaku Update

Collaborative Research
"Integrated Research on Sites of Jomon and Yayoi Settlements"
(Shin'ichiro Fujio)

Introducing Our Researchers -- Part 36

Folklore research on the relationship between nature and man (Toru Shinohara)

Museum displays today -- Part 13

National Museum of Japanese History -- The current situation concerning architectural models (Tetsuo Tamai)

Exhibition Review

"Hiroshige and Ukiyo-e Landscapes" by Jun'ichi Okubo
Reviewed by Shiori Ito

Rekihaku Chat (readers' page) May 30, 2008

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